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Evette Rose

I will be teaching brand new events in MAT this year, which anyone can attend, no prior prerequisite MAT courses are required!

My most popular ones are Mastering Depression Workshop (2 days), Mastering Anxiety Workshop(2 days) Mastering Your Boundaries (2 days) Mastering Self-love (1 day) These 4 events are taught by myself online (online LIVE at the moment as the borders are still closed).

However, when the borders open up, I will be teaching many more events live again in Bali (my hometown).

So how does this work? If you are ready to jump into this new movement with me, then all you will need to do is say YES 🙂

What will you gain from this?

You will earn 20% per person sales from Mastering Anxiety, Mastering Depression and Mastering Boundaries Workshops. The registration fee is $395 so you will earn $79.

10% per person sale from Mastering Self-Love Workshop. The registration fee is $125 so you will earn $12.50.

We will set up your sales page for you, give you marketing material to start creating magic with!

Here are the events in more detail for you to review and see which one (if not ALL of them) you would like to become an affiliate for:

MAT Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Ready to become a MAT Affiliate?

All that you have to do is say YES

We will review your application and we will contact you soon!