How to get started? Which book should i start with?

Metaphysical Anatomy volume 1 is great for those who want to learn more about hidden messages behind emotional and physical challenges they might have.

Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 2 is shared research and an effective technique that you can follow to help you to start to resolve blocks that you might have discovered by using Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1. Evette other books are based on the specific topics that might support you in your journey.

#1 Best Seller

Metaphysical Anatomy

Book – Physical Product

In this 740 page, with 679 medical conditions is a step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to medical conditions. These conditions can be activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life…..

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Online Healing Training

During this powerful online training healing, you will learn tools to heal and improve not just your own life, but the lives of those around you! This technique is perfect for those seeking self-healing tools and for healing practitioners who are ready to sharpen their skills!!

Finding Your Own Voice

Book – Physical Product

This true life story is a must-read for people who have either experienced abuse or care about someone else who may be trapped in processing their childhood experiences. This book brings an empowering message of hope, healing and understanding to anyone who feels challenged by their past.

Healing Your Personal Boundaries

Online Course – Book

Your boundaries define who you are and what you become. If you have healthy boundaries, then you would not even be reading this piece. Right now there is a part of you that is doubting whether you do have healthy boundaries…

Healing Boundaries Online Course Click Here

Healing from Break-up​

Book + meditations

No matter how prepared you think you are for a break-up, when you finally rip off the Band-Aid and reality sets in, the emotional stress and shock can be overwhelming. In this book, we will go through constructive steps, explanations, and finding a deeper understanding for the root causes of your break-up

Transform Everyday


The healing intention of this book is to create awareness of your blocks and patterns. It is through awareness that healing and transformation takes place. In this book you will find quotes and inspirations designed to heal and transform every day of the year.