Clearing Sexual Trauma

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Unlock and heal hidden trauma behind sexual abuse and blockages

Clearing Sexual Trauma

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Online Training LIVE with Evette Rose
7 PM – 11 PM Bali time / GMT+8
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To experience sexual abuse is a life altering event that will have ripple effects and consequences throughout every aspect of your life, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

This is an experience that is happening to more men, women, children and even adults on such a big scale, that it's almost unimaginable to fathom the extent that it affects our population.

In this workshop we will help you to know and understand what is behind your sexual trauma, how to manage it, and how to powerfully call your power back from the past.

That is no longer real without needing to know any clear memories or details from your past. Also, WITHOUT having to relive the past. Reclaim a beautiful relationship with your body and your sense of self again!
Evette Rose

Signs of Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma does not have to be your life path!

Anxiety, depression and self-hate are a few of many symptoms of sexual trauma. In this workshop we will look deeply into messages of the body, decode them and heal old traumatic memories stored in the body with grace and ease. 

Any situation can trigger anxiety and old suppressed sexual trauma to resurface in your life.

 Typically, circumstances where you were touched, abused, conversations and relationships could be key trigger points of old sexual trauma to surface.

 Sexual trauma resurfacing can relate to your past and also even related to an inherited ancestral trauma, which has now become your trauma! 

So, if you are not 100% sure of when and how sexual trauma started, then don’t worry! You don’t need to know the details to clear it! 

Our exercises will help bring you clarity around these deep unresolved subconscious memories, whether they belong to you or your family DNA lineage.

Your relationship with yourself is a reflection of how you were treated in the past!

What you will learn

– How to clear sexual trauma without reliving the past!

– How to clear sexual trauma without needing to recall clear memories

– Clear ancestral sexual trauma’s in your DNA lineage

– Clear guilt and shame related to sexual trauma from your past (or your ancestry)

– Heal your relationship with your body

– Heal your relationship with your identity

– Heal your relationship with your sexuality

– Heal the self-blame cycle!

– Call your power back from people who abused you in the past and on behalf of your ancestors

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