Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Presents


25 - 31 January 2022

Discover Your Intuitive Powers
and Inner Guidance and
Understand Your Unique Gift!

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Meet Evette Rose – Your Summit Host

Evette Rose is the Founder of the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and the Author of Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 and 5 other books. Her original work, Finding Your Own Voice relates to her experience in overcoming the trauma of abuse.

Metaphysical Anatomy was written to support alternative practitioners as well as guide the general public to sharpen their skills, knowledge and self-help techniques.

Her aim is to reach people in need of support, love, comfort, and clarity as well as someone to relate to. 

Her philosophy is that we, as the human race, are not destined to live our lives in pain due to past trauma or abuse. We suppressed our ability to complete and heal trauma naturally and as a result, our true identity is influenced by trauma.

***Please note that this a non-refundable purchase since you will get instant access to all the interviews, FREE gifts and bonuses.

Powerful Lightworkers and spiritual beings


Dean Powell


Addiction Recovery Mentor, Quantum Shift Facilitator, Beta Release Practitioner, Counselor, Educator, Relationship Coach and Author

Ilan Ferdman FYSS


Co-founder of Satori Prime, A Successful Entrepreneur, Speaker and Life Coach

Speakers FYS - Jo Cooper


Founder of the Freedom from Migraine & Headache Coaching Program™, Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner, and more

Speakers FYS - Jeremiah Abrams


Author and a Psychotherapist Specialized in Jungian Psychology for over 40 years.

Speakers FYS - Lynn


An Artist and a Channel. I have the Abilities of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

Mahmoud FYS


Physician, Meditation, Fitness Instructor and Martial Arts Teacher



Certified BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner

Speakers FYS - Nicole


A Renowned Global Spiritual Teacher
and Guide Through the Ancient Lineage
of Raja Tantra Yoga.

Speakers FYS - Richard


Creates Music for Solo Piano… Tranquil, Soothing, Melodic and Uplifting

Speakers FYS - Rodolfo


From Special Operations Soldier to Motivational Speaker. Shared the Stage with Some of Today's Top Thought Leaders, Coaches, and Experts.

Sandy FYSS Solo


Award-winning Therapist and ​Meditation Teacher, Bestselling Author, and
Expert in the Mind-Body Connection

Speakers FYS - Spiro


Strategic Psychotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Hypnosis to Initiate Powerful Changes with Clients

Stella Jones FYSS


Hypnosis, Strategic Psychotherapy and NeuroLinguistic Programming

Marci Lock


Alchemist of Light and Liberation, a Global Heart & Feel Leader for the Planet and guide to Lasting Healing and Rapid Transformation.

Speakers FYS - Suzana


Founder of Luna Retreats and Offers Training, Immersions, Workshops and Transformational Experiences

Speakers FYS - Thomas


An Entrepreneur and Multi-Disciplinary Leader Actively Committed to Human Sovereignty as a Driver of Evolution in the New Era

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***Access to the full interviews of all our 18 speakers is FREE for 7 days (25th to 31st of January 2022). If you want lifetime access + access to bonus courses, discounts and gifts, go hit the REGISTER button NOW!

The following gifts will be
INSTANTLY available for you when you register:

Finding Your Spirituality

This prerecorded online course and guided healing meditation is designed for everyone!

Learn from the Summit host herself what healing and spirituality mean for her. She will also share her own journey of finding her spirituality. 

Free Seat: Online Program “How to Surrender to your Soul Contract"

A transmission and conversation on bridging the gaps between regular life and spiritual life.

This program will set you up for stepping confidently into your Soul Contract. (Will last approximately 2 hours)

FREE eBook and
FREE Guided Meditation

A transmission and conversation on bridging the gaps between regular life and spiritual life.

Embracing Your True Self -a guided meditation that will let you connect with the deepest part of you. 

FREE Digital Print of Newest Painting

The painting that Lynn created for this summit is titled “SELF ACTUALIZATION”.

We all have hidden potential. This painting activates the full awareness of your highest potential that you have for yourself. This is a part of Lynn’s technology series channeled from the Lyrans specifically for this summit.

Level 1 MAT Training 50% Discount

Healing trauma and old stressful events from the past does not have to be hard! Learn how to work with the language of the body. Understand how and why the body stores emotions and trauma and learn how to gently release it with the amazing Metaphysical Anatomy Technique.

Get 50% off when you join the Level 1 MAT course with Jo Cooper!

Sandy’s Mastermind Masterclass

A powerful introduction to Sandy’s life-changing Mind Calm and Mind Detox methods. You will learn how to transform your relationship with your mind using Mind Calm meditation.

Sandy will also teach you how to heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life issues using his life-changing Mind Detox method.

The Dreamtime Journey + Meeting the Shadow

Download package of The Dreamtime Journey: The Path Of Direct Experience–A Shamanic Inner Journey (3 CDs with booklet) Audio CD.

Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature – eBook.  Jeremiah offers an exploration of self and practical guidance dealing with the dark side of personality based on Jung’s concept of “shadow,” or the forbidden and unacceptable feelings and behaviors each of us experiences.

The Beginners Heart Course

Are you ready to rediscover yourself through the power of your heart?

This course is an introduction to yourself free of judgments, doubts, and self-expectations. Over 9 days, you’ll be given the opportunity to shed the masks and fears that have kept you from being your true self. It will help you remember who you are and what you are capable of with daily guides to take you deep into discovering your own authentic potential.

3 Essentials for a Conscious Life

Everyone wants to live a happy life, this is a common agreement. Many people fail because they search for happiness in external things such as material objects, clothes, expensive restaurants, clubs, etc.

In this simple eBook, Suzana will guide you with 3 simple and deep tools that changed her life. From a disappointed Executive Assistant in an international bank corporation to an international Retreat Leader.

Online Q and A
The Spiritual Path

Join the Spiritual Path led by Mahmoud Tieima. 

This is an exclusive online Q and A for one hour every 3 months for one year. 

Holistic Healing Guide + 20% Off of ReMINDer Device

The Holistic Healing Guide aims to support Holistic Practitioners and move forward together. The intention is to contribute to our community, prepare ourselves and support the transition towards a new, more conscious, evolution of our society.

ReMINDer is an innovative consciousness-enhancing product, which allows you to cultivate awareness outside meditation, during your day-to-day activities. 

Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System Session

We will work with the nervous system to discharge excess stress and anxiety, building it up to become the strong and resilient foundation through which we can live our life more fully and increase our ability to love ourselves and others..

The Awareness Effect Training / Meditation

Our philosophy is simple: Stop trying to make yourself FEEL better and get better at FEELING. But how do we do that? Well in this training we’ll go over simple, practical, and easy practices that you can do in 5 min, even while driving your car, that will forever change your life. Mindset work is done with the mind. Healing work is done in the body (specifically our nervous system). The mind unfortunately has no access to the body, and therefore cannot (no matter how hard you try) provide you with full healing. At best the mind will offer you new ways to manage your stress, anxiety, fear or sadness. If you’re looking for simple ways to create profound, deep emotional healing, do not miss this training.

Quantum Leap Transformation Package

Quantum Leap into the Life of Your Dreams! 

Containing 5 of the best products Sundari developed over the past 20 years to:

⟶ break through any resistance in your life
⟶ align your energy to what it is you say that you want, and
⟶ open to receive all that you desire

Pure Piano
Music for Stillness

A specially curated playlist of Richard Goldworthy’s music, “Pure Piano – Music for Stillness”

In today’s world, we all need to find our place of stillness. This is the music to take you there. Quietly beautiful solo piano specially curated for sleep, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.

Neuroscience of Breaking Self-Sabotage

Start to understand yourself, and find new ways of moving forward. Changing your process so that you are more manual and flexible to become more flexible. This Live Online Workshop via Zoom will be hosted by Stella Jones and Spiro Apostolopoulos.

Plus, you’ll also get access to Stella’s online course How to Understand Your Body and Its Needs. 

Finding Your Inner Balance Instantly

Learn how to understand your body under a stress response and how to find its inner balance instantly with ease and grace.

Plus, you’ll also get access to Spiro and Stella’s Live Online Workshop via Zoom “Neuroscience of Breaking Self-Sabotage.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Period is from the 25th to the 31st of January 2022. You will be able to register at exactly 1 PM UTC / 9 PM GMT+8 Bali. Indonesia time on Tuesday, the 25th of January 2022. 

Registration ends January 31st, 2022 at 11:59 PM UTC. Time zone converter please click here.

After purchasing the VIP access pass, you will receive an email with the instructions on how you can access the sessions and bonus courses and offers. Watch all sessions from your computer, phone or tablet. All of this from the comfort of your own home, delivered in video format! You may also bring The Finding Your Spirituality Summit with you anywhere.

Access to the interviews is lifetime. You can watch them at your own pace and at your most convenient time. 

Access to the bonus courses and offers is only 30 days. The links to redeem the offers and bonus courses will be available until March 3, 2022. Make sure to redeem before the 30 days is up!

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Discover, Unleash and Explore your Spirituality

Learn from powerful lightworkers and spiritual beings who are committed to serving humanity.

+ Get access to FREE Gifts and BONUSES!

***Please note that this is a non-refundable purchase since you will get instant access to all the interviews, FREE gifts and bonuses.