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Bridges to Recovery: Breaking Free from Addictive Chains

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12 June 2024

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What is NEW!

MAT Breathwork Practitioner Certification

In this program, you will gain a thorough understanding of breathwork and its potential to improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I will guide you through various breathing techniques and their applications, giving you the tools and knowledge needed to become a certified breathwork practitioner. Whether you are interested in expanding your knowledge or embarking on a career in breathwork, this course will provide you with a strong foundation to achieve your goals emotional, mental and physical health!

Do you LOVE Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1? If you already have a copy then you will LOVE our NEW Decoding Trauma – Unveiling Hidden Blocks Workshop! Evette will teach you in this 1-day LIVE workshop how to read the body ACCURATELY like a book and how to start your healing journey with new powerful tools that you can use combined with Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1!

Understanding Trauma – MAT for Beginners

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This course will be GREAT if you are:

  • New to MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique)
  • If you are new to emotional stress and trauma work ​
  • Interested in MAT and not sure if this is a fit for you ​
  • Want to learn more about trauma, emotional stress and memories work ​

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Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 3
Psychosomatics of Children is now available!



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