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Intuition Unleashed: Becoming a Psychic Reader

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✨ Dive deep into the realms of psychic abilities, connect with your inner guidance, and learn to harness your unique gifts. Discover a world of unseen possibilities and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your psychic potential and embrace a new realm of understanding.

🎁 I am hosting the “Psychic and Intuitive Reading” workshop, where you’ll learn how to tap into your intuition, connect with your spirit guides, and develop your mediumship skills.


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✅ What we connect to when working: intention, focus, energy, biofield, electromagnetic fields & atoms
✅ Overcoming rigidity blocks and opening ourselves to vibrations
✅ Understanding the existence of ego in spirits and the hierarchical structure in the spirit world
✅ Importance of connecting with beings aligned with the planet and our well-beingthe existence of ego in spirits and the hierarchical structure in the spirit world
✅ Exploring human principles as an energetic platform in harmony with nature and our highest development
✅ The impact of spiritual teachers’ connections on their well-being and power
✅ The ever-changing nature of conscious perceptions
✅ The connection between consciousness, the body, and our physical experiences
✅ Soul as the bridge between body consciousness and sensory system
✅ The role of electrical activity and electromagnetic fields in the human body
✅ How emotions and thoughts generate electromagnetic fields in the brain, heart, and gut
✅ The ability of electromagnetic fields to hold and transmit thoughts and emotions
✅ Information exchange through electromagnetic fields and their influence on atoms
✅ Understanding intuition and its connection to the consciousness of the body and soul
✅ Identifying and addressing intuition blocks, such as inner child connection, ancestral trauma, and parental beliefs
✅ Checking in with oneself and assessing energy flow before connecting
✅ Techniques to facilitate psychic and intuitive readings.

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This workshop will change your life forever! You can do this for your own benefit or become a practitioner. Have faith in divine support and take a leap of faith with me!