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✨ Discover the power of healing with your guides as they assist you in releasing emotional blocks, past traumas, and limiting beliefs. With their loving presence, you’ll embark on a transformative healing journey, restoring balance, harmony, and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit.


🎁 I am hosting the “Meeting and Healing with Your Spirit Guides Workshop” workshop, where you’ll learn how to communicate with them, receive their messages, and access their unconditional love and support.


Your schedule towards your greatness:


✅ Experience the dynamic energy of Archangels, leaders in the angel world, specializing in protection, healing, communication, beauty, peace, and more. Encounter the mighty presence of Archangels, Discover the beauty of Guardian angels, exclusively assigned to you, offering unconditional love and immediate assistance regardless of your faith or spiritual beliefs. Experience their loving support whenever you need it most.
✅ Uncover the profound wisdom and teachings of spirit animals, wise guides who hold powerful lessons for your personal growth. Learn how to interpret their messages and tap into their guidance.
✅ Be inspired by the ascended masters, remarkable beings who once walked the earth, achieved spiritual growth, and now guide and teach humans like you. Witness their cultural diversity and harmonious collaboration.
✅ Explore the connection with departed loved ones, whether from your current life or past lives. Experience the powerful bond and guidance they can offer from the spirit realm.
✅ Benefit from the support angels, divine beings who offer guidance and assistance in various aspects of your life, ensuring you never feel alone on your journey.
✅ Discover the incredible insight and filtering abilities of guides from plants, who channel the highest and best information from the quantum field. Embrace the guidance of your higher self as a trusted companion.
✅ Gain a deeper understanding of the spirit world, where hierarchy and ego exist, similar to the political world. Unveil the dynamics and power struggles within this realm.
✅ Learn how emotions and frequency affect spirit connection, understanding the impact of negative emotions and grief on communication with the spirit realm.
✅ Witness the transformative changes in your guides as you embark on your healing journey. Experience the shifting of guides as you progress, each with their unique purpose and specialization.
✅ Develop your skills in working with angels and guides, calling upon specific angels for support and incorporating your religious beliefs if desired.
✅ Deepen your connection with guides and your higher self, blending energies to gain different perspectives and explore desires, emotions, hobbies, and body sensations.
✅ Understand the nature of lingering spirits and their unique personalities, realizing that they are not solely focused on you and will eventually return to their own vibration.
✅ Embrace the power of intention, clarifying your purpose and opening yourself to receive clear messages from your guides, each with their distinct role and vibration.
✅ Tap into the profound wisdom of your heart, recognizing the importance of emotional connection as you journey alongside your guides.
✅Appreciate the diversity of vibrations and specialties among your guides, allowing messages to be delivered in different ways based on emotional vibrations.
✅ Don’t miss out on this transformative workshop that will empower you to connect with your guides, expand your spiritual awareness, and embrace the guidance that awaits you. Join us now and embark on a journey that will forever change your life.

✅ How to heal with your spirit guides
✅ During this workshop you will also receive your certification which is IPHM and CTAA accredited!

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This workshop will change your life forever! You can do this for your own benefit or become a practitioner. Have faith in divine support and take a leap of faith with me!