Sandy C. Newbigging

Sandy C Newbigging is an award-winning therapist and meditation teacher, bestselling author, and expert in the mind-body connection. Sandy recently won the FHT Tutor of the Year award and his work has been shown on television internationally.

Seventeen years of experience teaching how our mind impacts our body and life.

Known for simplifying self-help, healing, therapy and spirituality, plus his rare ability to pinpoint the undercover root causes of health and life issues.

Creator of four transformational techniques – Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure techniques – collectively known as Calmology.

Conducted hundreds of 1:1 sessions and meditated for thousands of hours.

Former monk and qualified meditation teacher since 2009.

Founder and principle trainer at the Mind Detox Club and Academy.

Columnist for Positive Life Magazine, Yoga Magazine, Holistic Therapist Magazine and Om Yoga. Featured in Psychologies, The Times, Metro, London Evening Standard, Red Magazine, InStyle and HELLO!

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