Suzana Lebrecht

Suzana is the founder of Luna Retreats and offers training, immersions, workshops and transformational experiences. Suzana is a Heart Centered group facilitator.. She is a mix of a modern nomad, shamanic healer and retreat organizer focused on connecting people with nature. Suzana is officially the only Gineterapeuta® in Asia (Women’s Holistic Care), trained in Brazil directly with the founder of this methodology, Monica Giraldez (in memoriam). Suzana is an experienced Shamanic Therapist initiated as Priestess of the Rose and the art of the ancient feminine mysteries, Deeksha Giver trained meditation facilitator (Oneness University, India), Reiki and Access Bars facilitator, MTVSS body process, Mindfulness and Energy Teacher and educator and Creative Art Coach, and recently in the musical world, she shares her gift as a composer. She took the opportunity to meditate in the presence of Masters such as Dalai Lama (India), Amma the hugger (in Germany), Amma & Bhagavan (India), Prem Baba (Brasil) and even the Pope Francis (Vatican).

Suzana has travelled extensively teaching in Brazil, Germany and Indonesia and shared her gifts in a spiritual healing house as a channeler. She lived and travelled overseas to understand her own ancestrality and heal deep wounds in her DNA. Over the years, Suzana has developed her own unique therapy style that she shares in both groups and individual sessions. Her main gifts are her incredibly refined intuition and her amazing capacity for love. She has a natural way of holding deep, safe space for true intimate, healing connections.

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