Healing Your Boundaries

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Unlock and heal hidden trauma behind poor boundaries

Healing Your Boundaries

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Online Training LIVE with Evette Rose
12 PM – 6 PM Bali time / GMT+8
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Your boundaries define who you are and what you become.

Happy and successful people have good and healthy boundaries because they know what their boundaries are in the first place!

Join us in this powerful workshop.

We will guide you step by step how to redefine, heal and establish brand new boundaries in your life that will not just bring you happiness, it will be the beginning of a brand-new future and powerful identity. You will leave old past boundaries wounds exactly where they need to be…. in the past!
Evette Rose

Signs of Poor Boundaries

What is this workshop about?

You are about to take a step in the right direction of your life, actually not just a step, but a giant leap of transformation!

You will be in save hands and a supportive environment where we will guide you step by step how to establish, heal and communicate your brand-new boundaries! 

Boundaries are such an important aspect to life. If we didn’t have boundaries within ourselves, organizations, schools and so forth, then I am sure you can image that the outcome would be disastrous!

There would be chaos and no order. Boundaries are not just important in society, they incredibly important to exercise in our own lives. 

As your boundaries define who you are and what you become.

Boundaries are something that we establish in our daily life, whether in our physical environment, with family, friends and in relationships.  In most cases boundaries were defined for you.

Or you learned how to have them by trail and error, which is not always the healthiest method because of emotional wounds that these lessons could have caused you, which might still be influencing your quality of life to this day.

Are you ready for a boundary and life changing workshop?

What you will learn

– What boundaries are and the importance of them in your life

– How to recognize what your boundaries are

– When to say yes and when to say no

– Discovering your associations with boundaries and healing it

– Heal old wounds associated with establishing boundaries

– How to have boundaries with yourself

– Healing your fear of communicating your boundaries

– How to have boundaries when you give and receive

– Reclaiming your innocence and birth right to have boundaries


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Enlightenment is not just one state!

In this workshop, we are going to show you how to break free from unhealthy ways to establish boundaries to new balanced, healthy powerful, yet graceful boundaries!


Important: Payments are not refundable after 3 days of payment.
You commit to have FUN, heal, and learn new tools
that will improve your quality of life!