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Healing Pain Masterclass


Wednesday, 16  February 2022
Space is Limited!

6 PM to 11 PM GMT+8 / Bali, Indonesia time

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Exclusive Gift if you register for this MasterClass!!

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If you are in pain right now then I do not have to tell you how pain can completely transform and paint your life a very different color!

It tremendously influences what we focus on and our happiness and quality of life, as well as increased stress levels. Life truly is different when you are in a place and in a state of pain.

Did you know that even tremendous strong emotions can transform into physical pain as well?

This is something that I am deeply passionate about is understanding the body and why we often have pain and chronic pain as well pain is not just caused by injuries or work stress or ailments. I strongly believe and I have seen in my research how strong emotions can greatly contribute to pain in the body as well and how certain areas in the body can be triggered based on the type of pain that you also have and the type of emotion the triggered the pain in the first place.

I’m so excited to be releasing this powerful course that is open and available to everyone who is willing to be open minded and to learn a new perspective and way of looking at paying in the body in this course we will be looking at different types of pain that we have and how to:

Important notes:

This Masterclass is for everyone, with NO prerequisites!

Payments are non-refundable after 3 days of payment.

You’re committing to having FUN, healing and learning new tools that will improve your quality of life.

Healing Pain

Pain can be quite a complex condition to approach and resolve but if you really truly understand the body and how it works, then you can set your mind and body free and start to create a new and happier fulfilling life!


This HEALING course is NOT to be missed!

Meet Evette Rose

Evette Rose is the Founder of the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and the author of Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 and 5 other books. Her original work, Finding Your Own Voice relates to her experience in overcoming the trauma of abuse.

Metaphysical Anatomy was written to support alternative practitioners as well as guide the general public to sharpen their skills, knowledge and self-help techniques.

Evette aims to reach people in need of support, love, comfort, and clarity as well as someone to relate to. 

Her philosophy is that we, as the human race, are not destined to live our lives in pain due to past trauma or abuse. We suppressed our ability to complete and heal trauma naturally and as a result, our true identity is influenced by trauma.