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A deep yet graceful and easy-to-use healing technique geared to heal core wounds.

This transformative course places a profound emphasis on the soul’s core wounds and inner child healing, crucial aspects that shape your entire life. Research and psychological theories suggest that your experiences from infancy through the age of 7 have a significant impact on numerous facets of your adulthood. These early years often predetermine your career choices, the nature of your relationships, and even your capacity for success and fulfillment. The Soulful Integrative Therapy approach to healing targets these foundational years and even earlier, focusing on mending the core wounds of the soul and nurturing the inner child. You’ll find this healing process not only accessible but also exceptionally gentle, easy and effective. Embrace the opportunity to transform your life with ease and grace, unlocking a future of enhanced well-being and elevated life quality. This course is designed to guide you through these profound changes, ensuring a smoother, more nurturing path to personal development and self-discovery. Imagine connecting to your past in a safe way, without reliving your past. relationship problems, abundance problems, career stress and problems.


Believe me, it does get better! You can address multiple challenges in 1 session!

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This powerful approach delves into the recesses of your psyche to mend the core wounds of your soul and inner child. Unlock the chains of past traumas and negative patterns, and step into a life filled with clarity, freedom, and profound emotional well-being. Whether you're seeking to overcome personal obstacles or enhance your professional relationships, Soulful Integrative Therapy offers a path to a fuller, more enriched existence. Embrace this opportunity to heal, grow, and thrive as you rediscover your strongest self..

Here is how Integrative Soulful Therapy can enrich your life NOW with Evette

Dive deep into the roots of your emotional and psychological challenges, unlocking pathways to profound healing and self-discovery. Whether you're grappling with past trauma, ongoing anxiety, or deep-seated emotional blockages, our expertly guided sessions offer a nurturing environment for you to heal and grow. Embrace the journey to reclaim your inner peace and empower a brighter, more fulfilled future. Join us to begin transforming your life today.

In this workshop, you will learn how to break free from old stubborn self-sabotaging patterns, old traumatic and stressful events from the past! Blast open your intuition and learn how to work with emotional blocks, pain, negative thinking, bad habits, relationship problems, abundance problems, career stress and problems.


“A Transformative Journey”
“Before joining Evette Rose’s integrative Soulful therapy course, I felt weighed down by years of unresolved grief and emotional trauma. Evette’s compassionate approach and deep understanding of emotional healing have been transformative. Each session helped me unpack layers of pain and ultimately find a peace I hadn’t felt in years. I’m grateful for this profound journey and highly recommend this course to anyone seeking true emotional freedom.” – Mariana P., San Diego, CA

“Beyond Expectations”
“I enrolled in the course with Evette Rose to tackle my severe anxiety issues. What I found was so much more than anxiety relief; I discovered the roots of my fears and learned effective strategies to manage them. Evette’s techniques are enlightening and her supportive nature makes each session feel safe and productive. I now enjoy a quality of life I never thought possible. This course went beyond my expectations!” – Jacob T., Austin, TX

“Healing Old Wounds”
“Dealing with low self-esteem has always held me back in both personal and professional settings. Working with Evette has helped me to confront and heal these old wounds. Her integrative soulful therapy sessions have taught me how to value myself and embrace my strengths. I am forever changed by the experience and finally confident in who I am.” – Linda S., New York, NY

“Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs”
“Evette Rose’s therapy course has been a game changer for me. It helped me identify and break away from limiting beliefs that have been like invisible chains throughout my life. The personal growth I’ve experienced in just a few months is incredible. Evette is not only a skilled therapist but a wonderful guide who empowers you at every step. I can’t thank her enough for helping me live my best life.” – Amir D., Miami, FL

“Mastering My Emotions and Relationships”
“The relationship issues I faced seemed insurmountable before joining Evette’s course. Her expertise in addressing and resolving deep-seated emotional wounds is exceptional. I learned practical techniques for dealing with relationship dynamics, which have dramatically improved my interactions with others. Evette’s warm and insightful guidance has helped me master my emotions and significantly enhanced my relationships.” – Emma W., Seattle, WA


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Integrative Soulful Therapy

Live Online Workshop