Your body is talking, are you listening?

Learn how to understand
and read your body like a book
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Break through barriers and open up your intuition!

Intuitive Body Workshop

26 January 2023
Space is Limited!
Online Training LIVE with Evette Rose
1 PM – 6 PM GMT+8 / Bali time
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Important notes:

This workshop is for everyone, with NO prerequisites!

Payments are non-refundable after 3 days of payment.

You’re committing to having FUN, healing and learning new tools that will improve your quality of life.

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Here is how you can take control back
over your body and mind by
ACCURATELY understanding its messages
NOW with me LIVE

You are on the right track!
You came to this page for a REASON
there are NO accidents!

Being Intuitive is a natural part of your existence. It’s a natural part of your biological make-up. Knowing how to use your intuition will help you to unlock your gifts and talents in this lifetime. Are you ready?

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Intuitive Body Workshop

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In this workshop, I will show you how
to successfully open up your intuition and to ACCURATELY
read your body and its messages like an expert!

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Join me in this powerful event as I will be sharing my research as to how I learned to read the body and its messages like an expert! I am going to teach you and show you years and years of my research and studies compiled into a powerful workshop that is designed to for you to learn how to understand your body’s language like PRO!

Are you Ready?