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Learning Mediumship Workshop

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Connecting Beyond the Veil: A Journey into Mediumship

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the fascinating world of mediumship? We invite you to join our comprehensive workshop, ” Connecting Beyond the Veil: A Journey into Mediumship.” This immersive experience will equip you with the knowledge, techniques, and practices to deepen your connection with the spirit realm and become a confident and skilled medium.

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Transcending Realms: Unveiling the Mysteries of Mediumship

This workshop will change your life forever! You can do this for your own benefit or become a practitioner. Have faith in divine support and take a leap of faith with me!

We look forward to guiding you on this incredible adventure of self-discovery and mediumship exploration.


“This Learning Mediumship workshop was a remarkable experience. Her guidance on developing mediumship abilities was both practical and spiritually enlightening. I now feel more connected to the spirit realm and confident in my abilities.” Kim R.


“Evette Rose’s workshop on learning mediumship exceeded my expectations. Her teachings on connecting with spirits were insightful and easy to follow. I’ve since witnessed a significant improvement in my mediumship abilities and feel more attuned to the energies around me.” Allen H.


“The workshop provided a safe space to explore and develop my mediumistic skills. I now approach spirit communication with confidence and have a deeper understanding of the messages from the other side.” John G.


“Attending Evette Rose’s “Learning Mediumship” Workshop was an enlightening experience. Her teachings on mediumship were practical and empowering. I’ve learned to trust my intuitive abilities and have successfully connected with loved ones in the spirit realm.” Kris S.


“Evette Rose’s workshop on learning mediumship was a journey of spiritual growth and connection. Her guidance on receiving and interpreting messages from the spirit world was profound. I now feel a deeper sense of purpose and connection to the divine.” Mark J.


“Participating in the “Learning Mediumship” Workshop by Evette Rose was a soul-enriching experience. Her teachings on mediumship were delivered with compassion and expertise. I’ve gained valuable insights and practical skills that have enhanced my ability to communicate with spirits.” Sylvia P.


“Evette Rose’s mediumship workshop provided a unique and enriching experience. Her teachings on mediumistic development were accessible, and the exercises allowed me to tap into my intuitive abilities. I now feel more confident in my role as a medium and am grateful for the guidance received.” Jane T.


“Learning Mediumship with Evette Rose was a spiritually transformative journey. The workshop’s emphasis on ethical practices and connecting with higher energies resonated with me. I now feel more attuned to the spirit world and equipped to serve as a channel for messages of love and healing.” Blake M.



Learning Mediumship Workshop


   LIVE Online via Zoom