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Metaphysical Anatomy Rapid Growth Level 1

11 – 12 December 2021
Space is Limited!
LIVE Training in Bali, Indonesia with Evette Rose

9 AM to 4 PM GMT+8 / Bali Time

This event is designed for volunteers ONLY and for those who are available to attend the live training in Bali.

Please only join us with a volunteering heart to serve humanity.

Ticket to the event is FREE, I volunteer my time to support you to support the nation.

Important Note:

At the end of the training you will receive a Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (M.A.T) Level 1 volunteer practitioner certificate.

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Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

My session with Evette, during one of the most challenging times of my life (on the cusp of separation with my wife of 5 years and mother of my child), was completely life changing. It contributed greatly to a smooth transition from a lack of trust and respect, back to love. So that now – just a few months after separating – my ex wife and I are good friends. We have trust, respect, and love restored completely. I also noticed a great shift in awareness so that I am in a more or less permanent ‘peak state’ of consciousness. I cannot recommend Evette Rose’s individual healing work highly enough!
Ben Ralston
Yoga Teacher, Healer & Writer Slovenia

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Healing trauma and old stressful events from the past does NOT have be hard! We make it FUN and EASY! You know first-hand how traumatic events in your life can shape and change your life forever. Even long-term stress can become traumatic to your mind and body, resulting in coping mechanisms that will bring their own form destruction and self-sabotage. But just knowing this is not enough, right? Awareness of a problem is a problem half solved!

In M.A.T you will learn how to constructively apply your new awareness relating to your stubborn challenges and heal your mind, body and spirit easily and effortlessly! The only question is, are you ready?

In this workshop, you will learn how to break free from old
stubborn self-sabotaging patterns, old traumatic and stressful events from the past!
Blast open your intuition and learn how to work with emotional blocks, pain,
negative thinking, bad habits, relationship problems, abundance problems,
career stress and problems.

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Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

After just one session with Evette, I felt amazing calm and empowerment. Her insight was so helpful in my healing journey. Just days after our session I was able to stand up and set a healthy boundary with both my boss and my ex husband in one day! The most amazing part was that I did this without anger or feeling guilt. I also went about purchasing her healing boundaries book and workshop. I have learned so much, It is worth every penny. Thank you Evette! I continue to make progress daily.
Los Angeles

Founder And Author of
Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Evette Rose

Evette Rose is the Founder of the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and the author of Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 and 5 other books. Her original work, Finding Your Own Voice relates to her experience in overcoming the trauma of abuse.

Metaphysical Anatomy was written to support alternative practitioners as well as guide the general public to sharpen their skills, knowledge and self-help techniques.

Evette aims to reach people in need of support, love, comfort, and clarity as well as someone to relate to. 

Her philosophy is that we, as the human race, are not destined to live our lives in pain due to past trauma or abuse. We suppressed our ability to complete and heal trauma naturally and as a result, our true identity is influenced by trauma.

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