Metaphysical Anatomy Technique
Level 1 Teacher Instructor Training

How do I Get Started?

Online Self-Paced Course with Evette Rose

Access to the course will start on August 24, 2022, Wednesday at 6 pm (GMT+8)
INDONESIA, Bali Timezone

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This online self-paced course will be available until September 15, 2022, at 6 pm (GMT+8).
You must complete the course within the time frame (15th Sept.) to receive a certificate of completion.

A Live Online Webinar Q and A with Evette Rose will also be conducted after a week, attendance is a must!

Please note: We want people who are committed to their learning journey.
Payments for online courses are not refundable.

What you will learn during level 1 Teacher Instructor Training

I am so excited to meet you! This training will be so much more than your average instructor’s training! 

During the online course you will: 

1. Master the Level 1 Technique material
2. Learn to become the best ‘teacher version’ of yourself
3. Feel confident and ready to transform people’s lives with your skills and knowledge
4. Step into your power as a leader
5. Get a break from your day-to-day mundane life and improve your teaching skills
6. Network and build support groups and lifelong friendships!
7. Practice what you have learned and get access to filmed teaching footage that you can already start to use when you complete the training!

…… there is more! Below are the benefits and regulations for becoming a teacher!

Level 1 and 2 are prerequisites to qualify for this event!

You should be a certified Level 1 MAT Practitioner and should have at least received the Level 2 MAT Certificate of Internship. 

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