Metaphysical Anatomy Rapid Growth Level 2 Live and Online Events​

Level 1 Course is a requisite for the Level 2 Live and Online Event
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22 - 26 May 2021

Rapid Growth MAT Level 2 Live ONLINE class
Language: Greek
Teacher: Anastasia Koutsouras 

9 - 13 June 2021

Rapid Growth MAT Level 2 Live ONLINE class.
Language: Bulgarian
Teacher: Zornitsa Gyurova   

Identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to 679 medical conditions

What you will learn during the Level 2 Live/Online Events:

  • Open up your intuition
  • How to resolve trauma without reliving it
  • How to resolve trauma even without a clear memory of it
  • How to recognize inherited trauma
  • How to resolve inherited trauma
  • The difference between completing trauma and surviving trauma
  • How to build resilience toward past traumatic events
  • Build and promote neuroplasticity
  • Find and resolve secondary gains within minutes!
  • Understanding the difference between symptoms and trauma
  • Unlock and resolve instinctive responses connected to old traumatic events
  • Unlock and resolve emotional stress connected to old traumatic events
  • Learn how to heal physical pain FAST!
  • Resolve emotional stress that you took on from other’s
  • Learn how to work with neurotransmitters
  • Learn how to work with mirror neurons
  • Learn how to work with the spinal cord
  • Learn how to work with and resolve ancestral trauma
  • Learn how to work with the spinal cord
  • Learn how to work with and resolve ancestral trauma
  • Learn how to work with the brainstem, amygdala, limbic system, master cell,  nervous system
  • Learn how to work with the emotional body
  • Learn and recognize hidden emotional stressors held in the physical body
  • Easily and effectively heal past lives and inherited karma
  • Learn how to recognize and resolve fetal trauma
  • Learn how to effectively work with and resolve addictions

If you wish to take your journey even further then you can join Evette Rose at one of her live Rapid Growth Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner Certification Courses  This live event is also ideal if just want to work on yourself and become your own best practitioner! 

Once you have completed the Level 2 course you will receive a Rapid Growth Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioners Certification. Evette will also be hosting live webinars to support practitioners once to twice a month. Once you are ready to officially book into the Level 2 course, then please email us and we will send a discounted price and deduct your investment from the Level 2 course.

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Level 1 Teacher Instructor and certify people to become a Rapid Growth Level 1 Practitioner? 


Evette Rose will personally host Q & A webinars to Support Level 2 students. These webinars are also recorded and you will have access to previously recorded webinars!!


You will also join our 24/7 MAT Forum Support Group. Here you will have direct and live access to Level 2 Students including Evette Rose. You will also be added to a Live Broadcast Group where Evette will post daily videos and information as well as answer questions.

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