Are you ready to let go of your old identity?

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M.A.T Level 4 – Healing Your Anatomy
Live Online Master Class with Evette Rose
Registration is over!
27 June  – 2  July 2022
1 PM to 5 PM Bali Time / GMT+8
Space is Limited!
Price $1,398
Bring 2 Paying Friends and You can Attend for FREE

I’m so excited to be hosting this wonderful healing retreat which is one of my most powerful in-depth transformative healing retreats in the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Syllabus!

In this course, we’re going to dive deeper than what you ever have before! We’re going to lift the veil and jump into the power of the quantum field and really truly learn to understand how to work with it, how to heal with it and how to transform your life with it.

This is a beautiful powerful essence that we are surrounded by every second of our life, yet this beautiful place and space of energetic presence that holds vast amounts of information that has its own higher intelligence and consciousness has been ignored for too long!

This field is part of our human nature, to be in an intuitive and aware state is our natural blueprint.  We are meant to coexist and cocreate with this beautiful place and space that we are surrounded by, however we have very little knowledge about the sacredness and the power of the space.

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In this course, you’re going to learn how to heal with the quantum field, how to heal through collective support and collective healing. We’re going to be addressing specific parts of the body and cleaning out and healing and resolving specific points where the body holds trauma.

Did you know that these trauma points in the emotional body and the physical body is exactly the same as what it is for 7 billion people on this planet? We are going to rewrite and heal the blueprint of your body on a whole new powerful level.

This course extends from the level 3 event where we dived deep into conception womb, trauma healing and childhood trauma. Now, we are going to be looking at the body as it is in the present moment. We’re going to clear and clean out whatever it is that could potentially be left.

Amongst many subjects that we will touch on, we will:

…… and SO MUCH more!

M.A.T Level 4 – Healing Your Anatomy
Live OnlineMaster Class with Evette Rose
27 June  – 2  July 2022
1 PM to 5 PM Bali Time / GMT+8
Space is Limited!
Price $1,398
Bring 2 Paying Friends and You can Attend for FREE

Important notes:

  • This investment is for the level 4 course only. You must complete our Level 1 and Level 2 live or live online courses before starting this event. Click here to find a Level 1 course with any of our certified teachers worldwide.
  • Payments are non-refundable after 3 days of payment.

You’re committing to having FUN, healing and learning new tools that will improve your quality of life.

MAT Live Online COMBO Courses

MAT Level 2, 3 and 4

Live Online via Zoom
$ 4,995
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MAT Level 2 and 3

Live Online via Zoom
$ 3,995
  • Reserve Your Seat Now!

MAT Level 3 and 4

Live Online via Zoom
$ 3,995
  • Reserve Your Seat Now!

MAT Level 2 Live Online is happening from June 13th to 17th, 2022.
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MAT Level 3 Live Online is happening from June 20th to 24th, 2022.
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In this outline below we dive even deeper
into all these concepts and healing experiences

Body part/s: Central Nervous System, Vagus Nerve, Amygdala, Legs, Lungs

Emotional patterns / challenges: Fear, trust, jealousy, moving forward

Biological block: Freeze, fight, hide

Energetic / frequency level and block: 100 Hz

Affected triune minds: Solar, Gut, Root and Brain Mind

Healing intention: to release anxiety nerve irritation which also relates to emotional and intellectual irritation to bring back the balance in the flow of the body where the vagus nerves communicate through our different organs which will support the body to internally become more emotionally and physically balanced will also allow the mind and the body to move out of the foreign flight state and to learn how to start to find its sense of stability and safety in its environment we will also be looking and addressing stress associated with standing strong in your own identity and moving forward in your life and how to feel real true joy once again and to release deep-seated depression often in this case deeply related to the ancestry this day has a lot of emphasis on releasing blocks which is holding back your dinner lineage from truly thriving instead of Bliss balance and joy.  The strong emotions are normally stored and held in these parts of the body Central Nervous System, Vagus Nerve, Amygdala, Legs and Lungs which we will also be addressing today.

Body part/s: Heart, Gut, Gall Bladder, Lymphatic System, Immune System, Auto Immune

Emotional patterns / challenges: Abuse, love, guilt and shame, relationship, family units

Biological block: Fight and hide

Energetic / frequency level and block: 20 Hz

Affected triune minds: Heart, Gut and Creative Mind

Healing intention:  If you have trauma associated with love, bonding and connection then it will reflect throughout all your dynamics in life. As a human species, we are designed to connect networks and to living unity however if you have trauma associated with this it will create a tremendous matter of inner turtle oil at that deep need for love and connection yet that deep fear also of having it creates tremendous self-sabotage of love success and relationships as well.  These strong emotions and trauma associated with love tend to psychosomatically translate into the body as lymphatic blockages immune system challenges and ultimately autoimmune ailments that can come and go or even become chronic. If you didn’t feel balanced and safe when your family dynamics, then you will never feel balanced and safe in other aspects of areas of your life. Our family units inform the foundation that which we grow from and where we pull our resources and learned / default behaviors, patterns and habits from the more we can align ourselves to our true authentic identity and release these parts in aspects of our past the more we can become aligned with the more peaceful and prosperous future. These strong emotions are normally held in the Heart, Gut, Gall Bladder, Lymphatic System and Immune System.

Body part/s:  Brain and muscles

Emotional patterns / challenges: Control, power struggles, ego, mental fog, perception of truth, communication,

Biological block: Fight

Energetic / frequency level and block: 125 Hz

Affected triune minds: Brain and Throat Mind

Healing intention:  Heal Separation of Head and Heart. We all have had that experience where the heart says one thing however the mind says another. This is also because the heart can actually think and make decisions independently of the brain as we have separate memories it can also be stored in the heart and the heart can therefore react based on that however if our emotions cannot be aligned with our intellect then there will always be an inner battle in terms of which right decision to make in our life.  You will always doubt yourself.  This day is also about resolving ego struggles power struggles mental fog which is an end result of disassociating from your reality because to be in the fear of losing control or trying to be too much in control mentally and energetically exhausts the body as it requires the fight and flight instinctive response to be alert and switched on, most of the time in order to detect any circumstances that could potentially challenge your ability and capacity to be in control. This day we heal and resolve overcompensation in your life and how you perceive your life as well because if you struggle with control challenges then you’ll always subconsciously control information that’s coming through your intuition. Your intuition and divine information are not meant to be controlled it is information that is free and it is meant to flow freely as well. This means it will only flow in moving to your life based on your thought patterns and where your emotions and mental mindset is focused on. This level of control will narrow down your capacity to understand concepts and breakdown and problematic circumstances because due to this control factor that you have you will greatly subconsciously ignore so many other possible solutions people and circumstances that could’ve been for your highest and best and in alignment with your path. Also, show up as a lot of tension in your neck head migraines headaches stuttering memory loss procrastination and even depression today will be looking at all of these aspects and how they are showing up in your life. These strong emotions are normally held in the brain, neck and muscles.

Body part/s: Liver, CNS, Kidneys, Bladder, Pancreas, Inflammation

Emotional patterns / challenges: Anger, honesty, boundaries, territory.

Biological block: Fight

Energetic / frequency level and block: 150 Hz

Affected triune minds: Heart and Solar Mind

Healing intention: Time to let go (clearing secondary gain and self-sabotage), Secondary Gain Self-sabotage and Autoimmune conditions.  Anger can be one of the most powerful yet also most debilitating emotions to feel and experience if you feel challenged with anger in unresolved resentment then trying to create a peaceful life and happiness will always be an impossible mission to create is the frequency that you are in this the opposite of what you wish to fill.  Today we look at how anger is showing up in the physical body and start the process of releasing coping mechanisms secondary gains and self-sabotage in relationship to anger.  Deep down the root cause of anger is feeling powerless on safe and out of control and these messages that I’ve been stored in the body will be resolved today with ease and with grace.  A lot of people associate anger with power and today you will learn how to find your power in a uniquely energetic and peaceful way how to feel safe and strong within that place in space.  Boundaries will also be a very important topic to look at as anger often as you subconsciously to establish boundaries which come from a place of lack of self-worth and fear.  Old negative emotional states greatly contribute to inflammatory conditions in the body and today we will also be looking at how this is showing up when your body and to resolve this in biology. These strong emotions are normally held in the Liver, CNS, Kidneys, Bladder, Pancreas, immune system

Body part/s: Skin, Facia

Emotional patterns / challenges: Humiliation, irritation, shame, unworthy / beauty

Biological block: Hide

Energetic / frequency level and block:  20 Hz

Affected triune minds: Root Mind

Healing intention:  we all have had skin problems rashes and irritations and often what happens in the area where you feel the rash of the irritation will tell you exactly the emotional stress that you feel in relationship to people in dynamics in your life how or why they are triggering you as well and this knowledge is tremendously powerful as the situation to explore boundary failures to explore lack of words that you have in relationship to expressing yourself worth claiming your beauty dignity and humility. We have all had humiliation trauma and this is also an ancestral trauma other ones tremendously deep throughout all our dinner lineages today we will also be looking at how these parents are showing up in our lives from our DNA lineage and also from our childhood. These strong emotions are normally held in Skin and Facia

Body part/s:  Spine, bones

Emotional patterns / challenges: Loneliness, abandonment, vulnerability, rejection, support, structure

Biological block: Freeze, hide

Energetic / frequency level and block: 100 Hz

Affected triune minds: Brain and Root Mind

Healing intention:  to be and feel supported is one of the most important elements and experiences that we can have in our life because if we have support and we feel supported it’s one of the most powerful places that you can find yourself emotionally, physically and psychologically. And this was possible through unity and groups and communities that we were able to find support from however, in today’s society it now has flipped in the opposite direction leaving people feeling more vulnerable and more fearful than ever before.  Debilitating coping mechanisms are now being established to compensate for this disconnection of support that we feel especially from our ancestry.  This stress deeply shows up in our spine and the health of our bones as well and even the immune system a lot of rejection trauma abandonment trauma and support trauma is stored and held in these parts of the body.  Today we will look at how this is showing up in your life and bring solutions and resolutions to it. These strong emotions are normally held in the spine and bones.

At the end of the day, we will do a powerful exercise to bring your mind body spirit and health into perfect balance.  We will do this to Healing work energetically Lyman frequency alignment as well as assessing your day-to-day life and routines to bring healthy structures back into all aspects of your life.

MAT Level 4 LIVE Online

Live Online Training with Evette Rose
$ 1,398
  • Reserve Your Seat Now!

Come join us on this in-depth Level 4 event where we will dive even deeper into the consciousness of the body, mind and soul.

During these 6 days, you will learn new tools and more advanced concepts of Evette’s research.

Important: Level 1 and Level 2 MAT are prerequisites! 

Students who did Level 1 and 2 courses but have not done or finished the certification program yet are also qualified to join.

Founder and Author of
Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Evette Solo - Background Removed (1)

Evette Rose

Evette is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and the author of Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 and 5 other books. Her original work, Finding Your Own Voice relates to her experience in overcoming the trauma of abuse.

Metaphysical Anatomy was written to support alternative practitioners as well as guide the general public to sharpen their skills, knowledge and self-help techniques.

Evette aims to reach people in need of support, love, comfort, and clarity as well as someone to relate to. 

Her philosophy is that we, as the human race, are not destined to live our lives in pain due to past trauma or abuse. We suppressed our ability to complete and heal trauma naturally and as a result, our true identity is influenced by trauma.

Enrich Your Life and Those Around You

Your journey towards a more successful and fulfilling life continues here. Join Evette for the Level 4 Master Class and acquire the tools and wisdom to start practising this cutting-edge method.