Are you ready to let go of your old identity?

Date: 4 – 9 September 2021

Where: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Includes accommodation at a 5 star resort, breakfast, lunch and excursions
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I am so excited to meet you in Bali!

This training will be so much more than your average master's class training and here is why!

Are you ready for a complete life make over?

I am so excited to finally release Rapid Growth Level 4 Master Class! This healing retreat is filled with the best of the best research and techniques!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

I will share quicker cutting edge methods that brings forth a new dimension of healing, change work and cellular healing.  During the 6 day intensive retreat taking place in tropical Bali, Indonesia you will be taken on a journey where physical matter ceases to exist! You will fully reconnect to your authentic essence and spiritual blue print while learning cutting edge new healing techniques that stems from Rapid Growth Level 2 advanced technique and years of relentless research that I have done. This technique is specifically designed to create rapid change and transformation within your master cellular memory and DNA strands! You will wake up dormant cellular memory within your DNA, propelling you forward to rediscover your greatness and your truest sense of self. 

What to expect? Expect the unexpected!

We will awaken several states of consciousness that have been patiently lying dormant within you, ready to be tapped into! We will focus on the Reconnection State also known as Oneness State, Abundance State and Inner Transformation State. 

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Together we will heal critical key points in your developmental stages (before conception throughout to after conception) that once awakened will reveal more parts of your authentic DNA blue print! 

Your DNA contains the journey of your history and path forward.

Once self-realized you can accept the greatness that you are and within that state create and manifest. 

We will end the retreat with a complete life overhaul “Redesign Your Destiny” the name says it all! After the redesign process your body, mind and soul will be cleansed and reset during a waterfall purification process, completing incomplete DNA lineage karma.

Bring your swim suit! You will need it as part of the retreat program! That is the only hint I am going to give you!  This retreat is more than just healing, it’s FUN and connecting with like minded people who will share an unforgettable journey with you! Our biggest breakthroughs come through collective healing. You will be exactly where you need to be!

This retreat also includes daily yoga routines to assist the body in releasing specific parts that we will be addressing during the retreat to ensure a graceful integration for your mind, body and soul each day.

Footage of the resort where you will be staying. Photos were taken from prior events hosted by Evette Rose

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$2995.00 usd

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NOTE: Investment for the Level 4 Training is non-refundable

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