Master Your Anxiety

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Unlock and heal hidden trauma behind anxiety

Mastering Anxiety

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Online Training LIVE with Evette Rose
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Anxiety is the leading psychological condition that the world population is challenged and dominated by.

It’s a condition that has even earned a ‘psychiatric’ name, but we say that is just a label!

In this workshop we will help you to understand what is behind your anxiety, how to manage it effectively as well as how to start a powerful healing journey towards an empowered life.
Evette Rose

Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety does not have to control your life anymore!

Anxiety is the end result of old accumulated fear, panic, and having lost control in your life.

Any situation can trigger anxiety.

Typically, circumstances where you felt you lost control in the past, could be key trigger points for this type of anxiety to surface. 

This type of anxiety can also be related to an inherited ancestral trauma.

So, if you are not 100% sure of when and how this anxiety started, then don’t worry!

Our exercises will help bring you clarity around these deep unresolved subconscious memories, whether they belong to you or your family DNA lineage.

Did you know that most phobias, for example, are related to your ancestry?

They are in most cases not even from your lifetime.

When you observe this type of anxiety, you look at an issue that you feel challenged with combined with the trauma associated with losing control.

For example, let’s say you fear heights because you fell from a certain height. Falling triggers a tremendous amount of stress and shock because when you are falling, you are completely out of control.

Loss of control is one of the worst traumas that they body’ and mind can experience because the loss of control on a cellular meaning biological level can lead to your death, and your body is always programmed to keep you alive.

When you experience this type of trauma, the body makes sure that it remembers this trauma and triggers sensations from your subconscious mind as to how you felt when you lost control while you fell, to keep you away from any areas that are placed at a high level.

So you see, the causes of anxiety can be endless, but it doesn’t mean that your road to healing has to be endless as well! 

– Understanding the journey of anxiety. How it can be formed, programmed and stored in the body

– Understanding the origin of your anxiety

– How to start your healing journey in resolving old wounds and emotional blocks relating to your anxiety

– Healing ancestral trauma that lead to expressions of anxiety in you

– How to stop repetitive negative voices in your mind

– Learn how to regain control and self-reassurance in your life again

– Effective steps on how combat anxiety

– Effective steps on how to combat a panic attack

What you will learn

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Release anxiety from your ancestors and parents that does not belong to you.

Are you ready for a life overhaul?

In this workshop, we will help you understand what is behind your anxiety, how to manage it effectively as well as how to start a powerful healing journey towards an empowered life.


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You commit to have FUN, heal, and learn new tools
that will improve your quality of life!