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Mastering Boundaries Workshop

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Unlock and address hidden blocks behind poor boundaries

You are on the verge of taking a significant step, not merely a step, but a profound leap toward transforming your life!


In our nurturing and supportive environment, you’ll receive guidance, step by step, on establishing, healing, and effectively communicating your brand-new boundaries!


Boundaries hold immense importance in life. Without boundaries within ourselves, organizations, schools, and beyond, chaos would reign, leading to disorderly outcomes. Boundaries aren’t just crucial in society; they’re incredibly vital for our personal growth.


Your boundaries define you and shape your journey. They’re embedded in our daily lives, whether within our physical spaces, with family, friends, or in relationships. In most cases, these boundaries were established for you, or you learned to create them through trial and error.


However, this method isn’t always the healthiest, often leaving emotional wounds that might continue to influence your quality of life.

Have you noticed these fluctuating emotions lately?


Unlock and address hidden stress associated with poor boundaries

In this workshop you will:

Change can be challenging, but no more challenging than making a change that can set you free.

Your boundaries define who you are and what you become!


“Participating in Evette Rose’s Mastering Boundaries Workshop was a revelation for me. Her profound insights and practical exercises empowered me to set and maintain healthy boundaries in all aspects of my life. I now navigate relationships with newfound confidence and clarity.” Sophie L.


“Evette Rose’s workshop on mastering boundaries was a game-changer. The interactive sessions and personalized guidance helped me understand the importance of boundaries in creating a balanced life. I’ve seen positive shifts in my relationships, both personally and professionally.” Alex M.


“Attending Evette Rose’s Boundaries Workshop exceeded my expectations. Her teachings go beyond the basics, providing deep insights into the psychological aspects of boundary-setting. I now feel equipped to establish and communicate my boundaries effectively, leading to healthier connections with others.” Gabriel H.


“Evette Rose has a unique gift for making the concept of boundaries accessible and applicable. Her workshop was transformative, helping me recognize and address areas in my life where boundaries were lacking. I’ve since experienced a significant improvement in my overall well-being.” Maya K.


“Mastering Boundaries with Evette Rose was a revelation for me. Her approach is both practical and compassionate, offering a toolkit for navigating the complexities of relationships. I’ve learned to prioritize self-care and communicate my needs effectively, leading to more fulfilling connections.” Elijah C.


“I can’t express enough gratitude for Evette Rose’s Boundaries Workshop. Her insightful teachings, combined with real-life examples, made the concept of boundaries tangible and applicable. I now feel more empowered in my relationships and better equipped to prioritize my own needs.” Isabella R.


“Evette Rose’s workshop was a transformative experience. Learning about boundaries was eye-opening, and the practical tools provided have had a positive ripple effect in all areas of my life. This workshop is a must for anyone seeking to create healthier connections and reclaim their personal space.” Oscar G.


“Mastering Boundaries with Evette Rose was a breath of fresh air. Her workshop not only emphasized the importance of boundaries but also provided practical strategies for implementation. I now approach relationships with a newfound sense of self-awareness and confidence.” Aisha B.



Mastering Boundaries Workshop


   LIVE Online via Zoom