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Mastering Depression Workshop

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Unlock and address hidden trauma behind depression!

Depression encompasses a range of symptoms like low mood, diminished interest, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, disrupted sleep or appetite, lack of energy, and difficulty concentrating. It’s a widespread experience, yet its roots vary individually and don’t typically trace back to a single cause.


In today’s world, depression has become so prevalent that it’s often perceived more as a lifestyle than a medical condition. It brings forth numbness instead of joy, sadness instead of bliss, and a feeling of entrapment rather than emotional freedom.


This condition might have convinced you of your powerlessness at some point, altering your perspective and leading to lifestyle choices that align with negativity, sometimes influenced by inherited traits.


But, are you prepared to break free from these patterns? Are you ready to reclaim your power and invite happiness back into your life?

Have you noticed these fluctuating emotions lately?


Unlock and address hidden stress behind depression

Change can be challenging, but no more challenging than making a change that can set you free.

Reclaim control of your life, emotions, your future and your purpose.


“Evette Rose’s Mastering Depression Workshop was a beacon of hope for me. Her profound insights and practical strategies provided me with the tools I needed to break free from the grip of depression. I am now on a journey to rediscover joy and purpose in my life.” Emily G.


“Attending Evette Rose’s workshop was a turning point in my battle with depression. Her compassionate guidance and evidence-based techniques have given me a renewed sense of control over my mental health. I am grateful for the light this workshop brought into my life.” Daniel P.


“Evette Rose’s approach to mastering depression is nothing short of transformative. The workshop offered a unique blend of psychological insights and holistic practices that resonated with me deeply. I now feel more empowered and optimistic about my journey to overcome depression.” Sophia L.


“I’ve been to several workshops, but Evette Rose’s Mastering Depression Workshop surpassed them all. Her genuine understanding of the struggles with depression, coupled with practical tools, created an environment of healing and growth. I am now more resilient and connected to my inner strength.” Carlos M.


“Evette Rose’s workshop provided a lifeline for me in my battle with depression. Her emphasis on self-compassion and tangible coping mechanisms has made a significant impact on my mental well-being. I now face each day with a newfound sense of hope and resilience.” Olivia B.


“Mastering Depression with Evette Rose was a game-changer for me. Her workshop not only delved into the root causes of depression but also offered concrete steps for healing. I appreciate the practical nature of her teachings, which I’ve successfully incorporated into my daily life.” Nathan C.


“Evette Rose’s Mastering Depression Workshop was a breath of fresh air. Her holistic approach, combining psychology and spiritual elements, provided me with a comprehensive toolkit for managing and overcoming depression. I am now more in tune with my emotions and on the path to lasting recovery.” Grace H.


“I cannot recommend Evette Rose’s workshop enough. Her insights into depression are profound, and the strategies she shared have been a game-changer for me. I’ve experienced a shift in my mindset and am now actively working towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.” Jordan W.



Mastering Depression Workshop


   LIVE Online via Zoom