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Mastering Happiness Workshop

20 June 2021
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Online Training LIVE with Evette Rose
7 PM – 11 PM GMT+8 / Bali time
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Have you noticed these fluctuating emotions lately?

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Here is how you can enrich and heal your life right NOW with Evette

Root causes behind your loss of happiness.

Why you are sabotaging reclaiming your happiness.

What your associations with happiness are.

How you identify your happiness.

What your definition of true happiness is.

Resolve blocks associated with your loss of happiness.

Join in fun exercises to reignite your happiness.

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To reclaim your birthright to be happy again!

Understand the root causes behind your loss of happiness.

Understand how your ancestry can play a role in your state of happiness.

What does happiness truly mean to you?

How to resolve your happiness blocks.


Loss of happiness is a temporary state, even though it might feel like it will never end.

Circumstances from the past can often suppress your happiness.

Your approach to what makes you happy can cause a disconnection between you and your happiness.

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Mastering Happiness Workshop

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In this workshop, Evette will show you how to
break free from feeling stuck in a place of unhappiness and to create a new balanced, healthy, powerful,
yet graceful happy life!

Join Evette in this powerful event as she will be sharing HARD lessons that she learned in her life due to self-sabotage and not living a happy and fulfilled life.  She’s going to teach you and show you how to improve and heal your life regardless of the root cause of your unhappiness! This course is designed to laser target deep-rooted unresolved wounds that have led up to your self-worth not being in feeling strong enough to reclaim your happiness in life. It is your birthright to be happy! NOW is your time to reclaim that birthright!

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