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Healing Pain Workshop

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Is pain dominating your life?
Pain Mastery: Techniques and Practices for Relief

Experiencing pain is an overwhelming journey, one that can radically alter the canvas of our lives. Its impact extends far beyond the physical, affecting our focus, happiness, and overall quality of life. The weight of pain often amplifies stress levels, creating an entirely different landscape to navigate.


Interestingly, intense emotions can also manifest as physical pain. This convergence between emotional turmoil and physical sensation is an area I’m deeply passionate about exploring.


Understanding the intricacies of the body unveils a profound revelation: pain isn’t solely a result of injuries, work stress, or specific ailments. Through extensive research, I’ve discovered the powerful link between strong emotions and physical pain.


Emotions have the potential to trigger pain in various areas of the body, each connected to the specific type of emotion that initially sparked the discomfort. Understanding this intricate interplay sheds light on the complexities of chronic pain and provides insights into its origins beyond physical causes.

Have you noticed these fluctuating emotions lately?


Unlock and address hidden pain blocks

In this workshop you will:

Change can be challenging, but no more challenging than making a change that can set you free.

Pain is not your identity!


“Evette Rose’s Healing Pain Workshop was a profound experience for me. Her compassionate guidance and practical techniques helped me address and release emotional pain. I now feel a sense of healing and renewal, both emotionally and physically.” Trudi M.


“Attending Evette Rose’s workshop on healing pain was a turning point in my journey. Her holistic approach, combining psychological and spiritual elements, provided me with tools to navigate and heal deep-seated emotional wounds. I’ve experienced a sense of liberation and peace.” David R.


Evette Rose’s Healing Pain Workshop was transformative. Her teachings on understanding and processing emotional pain were eye-opening. I now have a greater sense of self-awareness and the tools to navigate and heal from past wounds.” Alexandra J.


“Mastering Pain with Evette Rose was an invaluable experience. Her workshop went beyond the physical aspects of pain, delving into the emotional and energetic dimensions. I’ve learned to release and transform pain, leading to a more vibrant and balanced life.” Michael G.


“Evette Rose’s workshop provided a safe space for healing and self-discovery. Her practical exercises and compassionate guidance helped me address and release emotional pain I had carried for years. I now feel more empowered and in control of my emotional well-being.” Olivia L.


“Attending the Healing Pain Workshop was a cathartic experience. Evette Rose’s approach to pain, both physical and emotional, was comprehensive and empowering. I’ve gained valuable insights and practical tools that have contributed to my overall sense of well-being.” Nathan K.


“Evette Rose’s workshop surpassed my expectations. Her teachings on healing pain were not only insightful but also applicable to real-life situations. I’ve experienced a significant reduction in both physical and emotional pain, and I now approach life with a greater sense of ease.” Isabella T.


“Mastering Pain with Evette Rose was a transformative journey. The workshop’s holistic approach addressed the mind-body connection, providing me with tools to heal and manage both physical and emotional pain. I’m now on a path of self-discovery and healing.” Christopher N.



Mastering Pain Workshop


   LIVE Online via Zoom