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Mastering Self-love Workshop

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Unlock and address hidden stress which blocks self-love

Learning to love ourselves proves to be one of life’s most challenging lessons. Often, it’s simpler to extend love to others than to extend that same compassion and care towards ourselves. This struggle triggers a cascade of emotions – shame, guilt, fear of rejection, and more. Perhaps these feelings resonate with you? Self-love and self-compassion are frequently misconstrued as weaknesses, yet, in truth, they are our greatest strengths.


When life flows smoothly, it’s effortless to feel in sync with ourselves, fostering love and connection. However, during tough times, maintaining that self-love becomes a challenge. Such periods may have left you feeling isolated, disconnected from yourself, unable to meet your own needs. Seeking external reassurance and love might have been the solution, but often, the support received falls short, influenced by our self-esteem. The cycle can be broken. You possess the power to shift this pattern!


During this workshop together we will go through different topics and concepts that all form part of our self-love journey.


We will explore and heal blocks behind, define it more clearly together, bring balance where there is a lack of balance in your life, and heal from the inside out.


Self-love is defined as having an awareness of your wellbeing and happiness.


But this definition for me is too short and cuts out so many essential factors that need to be kept in mind when you explore such a deep topic, especially when you start a self-love healing journey.


Awareness of your inner world is critical if you want to change your outer world.


Because your inner world is what is continually shown to you in your relationship dynamics and how unhealthy your relationship with yourself sometimes can be.


How do you stop old negative emotions of yourself recycle themselves? 


What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?


You might notice that you feel the absence of love, affection, and fear of communication.


What you are feeling are old wounds from your past when your need for comfort and love was not met adequately, and that inadequacy that it left you with is now reflecting in you toward yourself.


You are feeling how you reacted and how someone else’s inadequate or abusive reaction toward you became part of your relationship with yourself.


If you don’t have an awareness of your worth and value, how can you act in ways that demonstrate self-respect?

Have you noticed these fluctuating emotions lately?


Unlock and address hidden blocks behind lack of self-love

In this workshop you will:

Change can be challenging, but no more challenging than making a change that can set you free.

Self-love and self-compassion are often mistaken for weakness, but we are here to tell you that it is your greatest strength in life.


“Evette Rose’s Mastering Self-love Workshop was a profound journey of self-discovery. Her wisdom and guidance helped me understand the importance of self-love in all aspects of life. I now embrace myself with compassion and have witnessed positive transformations in my relationships and overall well-being.” Emma P.


“Attending Evette Rose’s workshop on mastering self-love was a pivotal moment in my life. Her insights, combined with practical exercises, allowed me to break through self-limiting beliefs and embrace a more positive self-image. I’m now on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance.” Aaron W.


“Evette Rose’s approach to self-love is both empowering and transformative. The workshop provided me with tools to cultivate a deep sense of self-worth and appreciation. I’ve noticed a significant shift in my confidence and the way I navigate life’s challenges.” Sophia C.


“Mastering Self-love with Evette Rose was a game-changer for me. Her workshop not only explored the importance of self-love but also offered actionable steps to integrate it into daily life. I’ve experienced a positive shift in my mindset and a newfound appreciation for my own journey.” Nathan A.


“Evette Rose’s workshop exceeded my expectations. Her compassionate and holistic approach to self-love provided me with practical tools to break free from self-doubt and embrace self-compassion. I now prioritize self-care and have witnessed improvements in my mental and emotional well-being.” Olivia G.


“Attending the Mastering Self-love Workshop by Evette Rose was a transformative experience. Her teachings helped me release self-judgment and cultivate a deeper connection with myself. I’m now more attuned to my needs and approach life with a greater sense of love and acceptance.” Elijah M.


“I can’t recommend Evette Rose’s workshop enough. Her insights into self-love are both profound and practical. The workshop provided a safe space for self-reflection and growth. I’ve embraced self-love as a daily practice and witnessed positive changes in my relationships and overall happiness.” Isabella H.


“Mastering Self-love with Evette Rose was a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Her workshop not only delved into the importance of self-love but also provided actionable steps for its cultivation. I now approach life with a greater sense of self-compassion and resilience.” Carlos S.



Mastering Self-love Workshop


   LIVE Online via Zoom