Mastering Self-love

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Unlock and heal hidden trauma which blocks self-love

Mastering Self-Love

6 June 2021
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Online Training LIVE with Evette Rose
12 PM – 6 PM GMT+8 / Bali time
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Loving ourselves is one of the hardest lessons to learn in our lifetime.

It’s often easier to love someone else rather than share and give that love to ourselves as well.

It triggers shame, guilt, fear of being punished, fear of rejection, abandonment, worry, anxiety, nervousness, and the list goes on.

Sounds familiar? Self-love and self-compassion are often mistaken for weakness, but we are here to tell you that it is your greatest strength in life.

It’s easy to feel you have a good relationship with yourself when things are going well because then you are in the flow, loving, and connected to yourself.

When things go bad, we feel more challenged to love ourselves and be there for ourselves. Challenging times might have made you feel isolated in the past, which caused a disconnection in your relationship with yourself and the feeling that you cannot fully fulfill your own needs.

Perhaps it made you feel that you don’t have what it takes to be there for yourself, so as a result, you seek for support, reassurance, and love outside of you and at times at a high price as your self-esteem will determine the kind of support that you feel you are worthy of.

So, in most cases, the result of what you get instead of what you wanted will not be as positive and empowering as you needed it to be.

You have the power, though, to break that cycle!
Evette Rose

Signs of Lack of Self-Love

What is this workshop about?

This journey is going to be insightful, powerful, and, most importantly, transformational.

Together we will go through different topics and concepts that all form part of our self-love journey.

We will explore and heal blocks behind, define it more clearly together, bring balance where there is a lack of balance in your life, and heal from the inside out.

Self-love is defined as having an awareness of your wellbeing and happiness.

But this definition for me is too short and cuts out so many essential factors that need to be kept in mind when you explore such a deep topic, especially when you start a self-love healing journey.

Awareness of your inner world is critical if you want to change your outer world.

Because your inner world is what is continually shown to you in your relationship dynamics and how unhealthy your relationship with yourself sometimes can be.

How do you stop old negative emotions of yourself recycle themselves? 

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

You might notice that you feel the absence of love, affection, and fear of communication.

What you are feeling are old wounds from your past when your need for comfort and love was not met adequately, and that inadequacy that it left you with is now reflecting in you toward yourself.

You are feeling how you reacted and how someone else’s inadequate or abusive reaction toward you became part of your relationship with yourself.

If you don’t have an awareness of your worth and value, how can you act in ways that demonstrate self-respect?

What you will learn

– Establish what your definition of self-love is and let go of opinions and projections from others

– Learn the art of self-acceptance

– How to have self-compassion

– Resolve barriers that you formed around you and your relationship with yourself

– Resolve negative patterns in terms of how you treat yourself

– Increase your level of worthiness

– Call your power back from past relationships where you were mistreated

– Learn to recognize when you are not investing enough in your life relationship with yourself

– Establish ways and routines that will reinforce a loving relationship with yourself

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How do you stop old negative emotions of yourself recycling themselves?

Reclaim your relationship with yourself today!

Self-love and self-compassion are often mistaken for weakness, but we are here to tell you that it is your greatest strength in life. 


Important: Payments are not refundable after 3 days of payment.
You commit to have FUN, heal, and learn new tools
that will improve your quality of life!