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We understand that time zone differences can sometimes pose challenges for enthusiastic learners who wish to embark on their MAT journey. We believe that everyone should have access to the transformative power of Metaphysical Anatomy technique, regardless of their geographical location or schedule constraints. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the MAT Level 1 Online Self-Paced Course, our innovative solution to address these issues. Don’t let time zone differences hold you back from experiencing the life-changing benefits of MAT. Join us today and unlock the freedom to learn, grow, and transform with MAT Level 1 at your own pace. See our client love (testimonials) at the end of the page!


Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is a cutting edge healing technique that is designed to give you results in any problematic area in your life! In M.A.T you will learn how to constructively apply your new awareness relating to your stubborn challenges and heal your mind, body and spirit easily and effortlessly! The only question is, are you ready?

Healing trauma and old stressful events from the past does NOT have be hard! We make it FUN and EASY! You know first-hand how traumatic events in your life can shape and change your life forever. Even long-term stress can become traumatic to your mind and body, resulting in coping mechanisms that will bring their own form destruction and self-sabotage. But just knowing this is not enough, right? Awareness of a problem is a problem half solved!


In this workshop, you will learn how to break free from old stubborn self-sabotaging patterns, old traumatic and stressful events from the past! Blast open your intuition and learn how to work with emotional blocks, pain, negative thinking, bad habits, relationship problems, abundance problems, career stress and problems.

Your intuition feels blocked?
You can’t feel your emotions or you feel them too strongly
No matter what you do or change,nothing changes in your life?
Are you always sabotaging your relationships, abundance and health?
You struggle to let go of unhealthy people and circumstances
You do things even though you know it’s bad for you!
You feel like your past is following you to in every area of your life?
You struggle with pain emotionally or physically?
Do you feel trapped by psychological programs from your past?

Watch video now: Why you Don’t Heal Part 1 click here and Part 2 click here

“What is Trauma?” How to recognized disguised hidden traumas

MAT Practitioner Certification (Optional – Accredited by IICT, IPHM, CTAA, CMA & ICAHP)

Heal addictions

How to work with neural pathways, mirror neurons, computation neurons and how they can assist you during your healing journey.

You will dive even deeper into emotions and instincts and how they hold the key to true lasting healing results

Heal and work with the mastercell in the body to assist with healing and changes

How to heal pain in the body

How to heal deep emotional trauma

How to break bad habits

How to heal grief

How to heal relationship problems

How to heal career challenges

How to heal fears

How to heal anxiety

How to heal depression

Explore the reasons behind stalled healing processes and learn corrective measures.

Understand the impact of trauma on consciousness, dividing it into four parts, and discover techniques to restore coherence to the body.

Identify the reasons the body halts natural trauma cycles and gain insights into resetting this process.

Acquire knowledge of breathwork and its application within the MAT technique.

Experience emotions in a secure and grounded manner.

Learn how emotions and instincts lock in trauma and discover methods to unlock them.

Release secondary gains and self-sabotage, fostering a sense of safety and empowerment for life transformation.

Understand trauma cycles and learn to guide your body in self-regulation after stressful events.

Resolve inherited trauma and address intergenerational patterns within your family line.

Discover techniques to heal physical pain, emotional trauma, bad habits, grief, relationship issues, career challenges, fears, and anxiety.

Transform your life without the need to recall the root causes of current stress and anxiety.

Enhance intuition through transformative practices.

Uncover the causes and triggers behind emotional and mental challenges.

Identify subconscious programs limiting your potential and break free from conditioned shame and guilt.

Cease feeling vulnerable and unsafe by reclaiming control of your life.

Put an end to cyclical patterns and achieve lasting results in both emotional and physical well-being.

Heal past traumatic programs and address inherited depression.

Transform negative associations with happiness, love, and self-love.

Break free from bad habits, relationship issues, abundance problems, and career stress.

Don’t waste any more time addressing symptoms; let MAT guide you in breaking self-sabotaging cycles.


“Attending Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1 Healing Workshop was an absolute game-changer! Her deep insights and healing techniques are nothing short of miraculous. I left with a profound sense of healing and a renewed connection to my own body and emotions. This workshop is a must for anyone on a journey of self-discovery and healing.” Sandra M.

“I can’t express how transformative this workshop was for me. Evette’s knowledge and intuitive approach to healing are truly exceptional. I came in with physical and emotional challenges, and I left feeling lighter, more balanced, and with a newfound sense of empowerment. If you’re looking for real healing, don’t miss this workshop!” – John T.

“Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1 Healing Workshop exceeded all my expectations. Her ability to guide us through the intricacies of energy healing is remarkable. I felt a deep shift in my energy and emotions, and I now have the tools to continue my healing journey. This workshop is a life-changing experience that I’m incredibly grateful for.” – Linda R.
“Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1 Healing Workshop is a gift to anyone on the path of healing and self-discovery. Evette’s insights and techniques helped me release deep-seated emotional blockages, and I felt a tangible shift in my physical and emotional well-being. I can’t recommend this workshop enough!” – Rachel S.
“I’ve attended many healing workshops, but Evette’s approach is truly unique and powerful. Her deep understanding of the metaphysical aspects of healing is awe-inspiring. I left with a sense of clarity and healing that I hadn’t experienced before. If you’re seeking profound transformation, this workshop is a must-attend.” – Michael B.
“Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1 Healing Workshop is a true gem. Her intuitive approach and compassionate guidance helped me unlock a new level of healing and self-understanding. I left feeling empowered and ready to continue my healing journey. If you’re looking for a workshop that will change your life, this is it!” – Emily L.

This course is for everyone, with NO prerequisites!

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If you aspire to become certified MAT Practitioners, attending the MAT Level 1 Live or Live Online Workshop and completing the exercises are important steps. The good news is that if you purchased the MAT Level 1 self-paced course, you can attend the live or online workshop without any additional cost.
MAT Level 1 Self-paced Course
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