Metaphysical Anatomy

Veronika Barkoci

Certified MAT Level 3 Practitioner
and MAT Level 1 and 2 Teacher

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Price: $150 USD or 3.500 CZK


Welcome, I am Veronika Barkoci, Level 3 MAT Practitioner and MAT level 1 and 2 Teacher in the Czech Republic. I am a therapist and transformational guide for all who desire to reach their inner balance, peace, harmony, emotional stability.


Guide for those who want to make any positive changes in any area of their lives. Those who want to experience inner freedom, to detach themselves from their past, old beliefs and limits, addictions, call their power back, open up their potential and live and consciously create a happy life.


In my sessions, I create a safe environment for clients, space, keep the energy and intention for possible changes, I lead them into their inner world, to their subconscious, where they can find all their answers for themselves, connect with their intuition and perceive their own identity, healthy power, personal boundaries and own values.


MAT literaly changed my life from the bottom where I started to realize where all my issues come from and how I can easily shift and heal them. I realized that I am no longer the victim of my past and that I can hold my life fully in my hands, making my own decisions, express and speak my truth, communicate my feelings and needs with myself and others. I also changed my atiitude towards myself where I strengthened my confidence, selfworth, changed my values so that I am more in alighment with myself.


I am ready to help you with: Self Acceptance, Depression, Anxienty, Release Trauma and Body Pain, Health Issues, Womb Healing, Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Loneliness, Powerlessness, Betrayal, Concept of Shame, Burnout, Purpose, Boundaries, Codependency, Health Issues, Connecting With the Source, Parts Work.


I have done more than 3.000 sessions with my clients and I am ready to help and work with YOU.




Live Online with Veronika Barkoci

MAT Level 1 Workshop (Czech Language)



Live Online with Veronika Barkoci

MAT Level 2 Workshop (Czech Language)