Animal Whisperer Workshop:
Enhancing Your Ability to Communicate and Heal

Communicate and Heal with Animals Workshop

  • October 22 - October 22 2023
  • Space is Limited!
  • LIVE Online with Evette Rose
  • 3 PM to 7 PM
  • Bali, Indonesia Time / GMT+8
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Discover the power of animal communication and healing in the Animal Whisperer Workshop. Join us as we unveil the secrets of animal wisdom, unlocking your ability to connect, communicate, and heal with our furry friends.

Explore the profound bond between humans and animals as we delve into techniques for channeling divine love and energy to promote the well-being of our beloved companions. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your intuitive abilities, deepen your connection with animals, and make a positive impact on their lives.
This workshop is part of the 4-day Intuitive Spirit Guide Workshop series. You can complete this 1-day workshop on its own as a stand-alone course and certification.
Or, you can also complete it later on as part of the Intuitive Spirit Guide Workshop series.
Please click here for more information on the Intuitive Spirit Guide Workshop.
Your schedule towards your greatness:
  • Understanding the Hierarchy of Needs: Exploring the survival instincts of animals and the importance of providing love and care for their well-being.
  • Exploring the Animal Brain: Researching the emotional capacity of animals and their ability to feel and express love.
  • Effective Animal Communication: Learning techniques to effectively communicate with animals, understanding their language and signals.
  • Deepening the Soul Connection: Recognizing the emotional impact of losing an animal and exploring ways to maintain a soul connection with departed pets.
  • Emotional Mirroring: Understanding how animals can mirror and express the emotions and stress levels of their owners.
  • Healing Differences: Recognizing that dogs and cats have different healing processes and exploring ways to connect with their souls and body consciousness for healing.
  • The Power of Voice: Harnessing the resonance of your voice to establish a deeper connection with animals, resembling their communication patterns.
  • Understanding Animal Communication Channels: Exploring the different receivers of communication in animals, dropping the ball of communication into the gut to match their instinctive responses.
  • Communicating with Independent Cats: Overcoming the challenges of communicating with cats, understanding their independence and building trust.
  • Communicating with Wild Animals: Approaching wild animals with a peaceful intent and recognizing the traumas they may have encountered with humans.
  • Soul Swapping and Animal Embodiment: Exploring the possibility of passed over loved ones temporarily or permanently embodying themselves in animals, recognizing signs of their presence.
  • Animal-Owner Connection: Investigating the correlation between an owner's ailments or emotional stress and the physical manifestations in their animals, addressing psychosomatic patterns.
  • Healing Rescued Animals: Assisting animals with previous abuse or trauma from past owners, working with guides to heal their emotional wounds and retrieve soul pieces.
  • Understanding Animal Karma: Examining the concept of karma in animals and how their actions and intentions can influence their energetic history.
  • Letting Go with Compassion: Navigating the process of letting go of animals during illness or end-of-life situations, understanding their soul's connection and asking for their preferences.
  • Honoring the Service of Animals: Recognizing the support and assistance that animals provide to humans and the karmic implications of mistreating or abusing them.
  • Connecting with Instincts: Establishing a connection with animals through the primal instincts housed in the stomach, tapping into their intuitive and primal nature.
  • During this workshop you will also receive your certification which is IPHM and CTAA accredited!

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We look forward to welcoming you to
"The Language of Animals" workshop, where you will uncover the wonders of animal communication and healing.

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is a great practice for both the body and the mind, it offers peace and mindfulness to its lovers and helps them get through daily stress. Metaphysical Anatomy does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.

Jeremy Girard MAT Student

After just one session with Evette, I felt amazing calm and empowerment. Her insight was so helpful in my healing journey. Just days after our session I was able to stand up and set a healthy boundary with both my boss and my ex husband in one day! The most amazing part was that I did this without anger or feeling guilt. I also went about purchasing her healing boundaries book and workshop. I have learned so much, It is worth every penny. Thank you Evette! I continue to make progress daily.

Amanda Los Angeles

My session with Evette, during one of the most challenging times of my life (on the cusp of separation with my wife of 5 years and mother of my child), was completely life changing. It contributed greatly to a smooth transition from a lack of trust and respect, back to love. So now - just a few months after separating - my ex-wife and I are good friends. We have trust, respect, and love restored completely. I also noticed a great shift in awareness so that I am in a more or less permanent 'peak state' of consciousness. I cannot recommend Evette Rose's individual healing work highly enough!

Ben Ralston Yoga Teacher, Healer & Writer Slovenia

Evette helped me to realize some aspects of myself that I wasn't aware of. I had one session with Evette and felt completely safe and supported. With Evette's support and compassion, it was easy for me to accept the negative pattern that been with me my entire life. Evette is truly a wise, intuitive and compassionate guide. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who needs healing or help with themselves. The monetary investment is well worth it! Thank You so much, Evette.

G. Adams Melbourne, Australia

I just got your book today and cant wait to read it. Your work has helped me so much already, after 30 years of chronic health issues. So I just want to say thank you!

Sue Moore South Africa

Oh what an awesome workshop. Thank you Evette for your dedication, your passion, your presence, your knowledge and how you created such a safe space for us all.I loved every minute of it, and those four hours went so fast! Can't wait to continue with MAT1.

Ragnhild H. Vea Intuitive Body Workshop Student

Hi Evette, I decided to write to you because I have been following your master classes for a while now and I must say that you are a great person. I especially like how you support people in their evolution and always from a compassionate point of view, as a human being, with our own lights and shadows that each of us has. In the end the light wins! For me you are an inspiration both to myself and when I am in the studio with my clients. The questions you ask in the master classes are complex but the way you interact, always taking you and your life as an example, help me to answer them, and sometimes when I don't know what to answer, listening to your words I say to myself "That's it, yes, that's how it is for me too!" and I understand and heal my wounds. So continue and thank you from my heart to your heart.

Sara Bega MAT Member

Animal Whisperer Workshop:
Enhancing Your Ability to Communicate and Heal


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