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MAT Practitioners

Evette Rose

MAT Founder and Practitioner

As an Author, Life Coach, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy and Rapid Growth Healing Technique. Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette' s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a well-balanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal developments seminars in more than 43 countries and helped thousands of people world wide.


Asanka Abayasiri

My journey within alternative therapies began in late teens with the question why life 'happens' the way it does. It came from a great desire to 'crack the code of life' to understand why much suffering surrounded us, yet with little understanding. Among the studied alternative therapies, Metaphysical Anatomy Book and the Technique has brought much love and light into the emotional and mental root causes of physical ailments and in turn the ability to decode and gracefully respond to the 'messages' from the body. I find each MAT session to be a gentle exploration guided by the body to greater awareness and through healing dissolving of inner blockages. Through out, the intent remains for to connect with the essence of our being and experience the life that we truly desire ?

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $185 USD per session (up to 1.5 hours), 20min initial consultation available.

Ann Harris

Ann Noler Harris is an International "Body & Animal Whisperer" and specialises in helping women to stop suffering with stress or chronic pain. She believes women are the centre of the family and when they are suffering it not only affects them but also their children, pets, business performance and personal life. Her passion is to support you to release your mental anguish and pain. She can support you to find out what your body is telling you, so you can relieve the blockage that is causing the pain. She also loves working with animals if they are in pain or having behavioural problems.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $250 AUD - Free 30 minute discovery consultation available

Charlie Maginess

I work with the nervous system, trauma, spinal alignment, the heart / mind connection, human design, intuition as well as the physical body. These areas are deeply connected and once supported produce massive transformation. I address all levels of healing. MAT is a profound system that seems to link all these areas of transformation into 1 session.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $125 USD per session (60 - 70 minutes)

Session Via: I work with people all round the world via Skype or Zoom and in person depending on where I am (Australia, Bali, America most of the time).

Jennifer Degioanni

Jennifer Degioanni has traveled the world seeking wisdom and developing her healing craft. Her mission is to empower her clients in such a way that they can live their life free from unnecessary fears, anxieties, pains and patterns from the past. It is in liberating the mind from these blocks that allows each one of us to remember and unlock the deep wisdom of our own body and release old limiting beliefs. Jennifer has connected deeply with this technique because of how effective it is. The impact and and profound changes in her clients can be experienced after only one session. This technique has changed her perception as a practitioner and she loves how she can integrate different aspects like psychology, brain reprogramming and energy work in just one modality.

Languages spoken: English, Italian and French.

Rate: $120.00 USD - 1 hour session (If needed to complete the session, extra 30 min included)

Session Via: Internet and is delighted to now offers sessions in person in Brisbane, Australia.

Offers: Offer for new clients available.

United States

Celena De Luna

I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am a folk herbalist with shamanic influences and a trained MAT practitioner. My focus is on helping people gain back their hopefulness, self worth and ability to trust and follow their own inner guidance system

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $150 USD per hour

Suzy Adra

Suzy is an artist, certified yoga instructor, certified energy healing practitioner, and certified trauma release practitioner. She is a specialist in trauma release, breathwork and somatic creative process. Suzy holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Languages spoken: English and Arabic

Rate: $70/ half an hour, and $150 / hour (sliding scale available for low income)

Audrey Simper

Audrey Simper is a Level 3 MAT Practitioner & Spiritual Life Coach specializing in helping women heal: Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Low-Self Esteem, Period Pain, Finding Purpose, Finding Self-Love, Emotional Eating, Perfectionism & Procrastination, Insomnia, Setting Boundaries, Skin Conditions (ie. acne, eczema, vitiligo). Audrey began her journey to healing when she awoke with chronic neck pain that continued to worsen over 4 years. She eventually turned to alternative & holistic approaches towards healing and had a spiritual awakening. That's when she found Metaphysical Anatomy and this understanding that her body was talking to her. Since that moment in 2016 when she learned what her body was telling her, Audrey no longer struggles with neck pain or her previous high levels of anxiety, worry, and control issues. She was so inspired by the empowerment & transformation that she gained from learning how to self-heal that she knew that she had to begin to share this with others. Audrey's mission is now dedicated to helping other women experience the empowerment of learning how to take control of their life & health.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $200/hr

Session Via: Free 20min virtual Discovery Call available via Zoom

Alison Kate

Welcome! I'm Alison Kate, a NYC-based Metaphysical Anatomy Advanced Practitioner and Personal Growth enthusiast! Metaphysical Anatomy has been incredibly impactful in my own personal growth journey and is one of my favorite modalities to use with clients because it's so thorough and powerfully transformational. During each session, we will release stuck emotions, change unhelpful beliefs, and somatically shift your energy. I offer a safe intentional space, allowing healing to happen very quickly and profoundly, and my clients leave every session feeling lighter, healthier, and connected to their true nature. I continue to be in awe of how Metaphysical Anatomy is able to resolve deeply ingrained traumas and patterns in such a gentle way for my clients in just a few sessions! I SPECIALIZE IN HELPING YOU: - Shift from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed to empowered, capable, and aligned with your true self, - Clear the psychosomatic patterns of self-sabotage, relationship dysfunction, disordered eating, and low self-esteem, - Heal your relationship with you! Repairing and restoring your innate self-trust, inner compass, confidence, and heart connection, - Release ancestral energy and karma so you can overcome challenging familial dynamics, - Manage psychic and empathic gifts, develop effective boundaries, and tap into your intuitive power, wisdom, spiritual connection If you are longing and wish to feel more comfortable and healthy in your body, peaceful and present in your mind, and light and free in your soul, NOW is the time to book a transformational Metaphysical Anatomy Session! I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $220 for 90 minute session and 8 days of integration support

Session Via: Virtual Sessions available via Zoom

Sonya lyn

Hi! I am a Master Healing Coach and M.A.T level 2 practitioner. Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you feel lonely, stuck, or feel empty inside? As a recovered Codependent I went through the journey to independence and healthy interdependent relationships. From the head through m,y heart to my soul. I was a love addict, it took me years to get out of the woods, learn self-love, and shift from surviving to thriving. I went through a brutal divorce that was war while raising three children and healing and breaking the cycle of attracting narcissists and sociopaths. I spent 15 years researching, learning, and creating the best, most gentle ways to the source. My clients share how their mind is blown, that after years of talk therapy and reliving the trauma and PTSD they never uncovered or healed wholeheartedly to feel such peace and freedom or achieved results even after decades of appointments. There is no need to stay in the past and relive past wounds. I healed from allergies, sciatica, and low blood sugar. I am the creator of LivingUnbroken a gentle trauma and healing-based personal development process. I am now an ultra-marathon runner, a yoga teacher, and a proud mother of three adult children and all that emotional and physical pain lead me to my power, purpose, and passion of holding a safe sacred place for you and your family to live your best healthy life, experience unconditional love, lasting passion and discover your purpose. It is your divine birthright. " It's just broken programming, you are not broken and it's time you begin thriving that way." "When life knocks you down, there's no direct path out of the woods, but I can get you to a clearing fast!' ~Sonya

Languages spoken: English

Rate: The rate is $200.00 US dollars for a 1-hour session and a follow-up email.

Session Via: Sessions are through Zoom.

Offers: I offer a 20-minute gift transformation call.

Kiarra Dikes

Ready for a Big Energy Shift that will literally turn heads? When I embarked on my transformational journey, I knew that I was! I was ready to Uplevel–to be confident in my skin, connected to my true purpose and in love with life. This desire brought me to MAT and now, I invite you to step into your power so that you can build a life that you are proud of! If you are ready to create a sexy New Blueprint for your life, please join me. This, and more, is what is possible for you:

- Align with your Authentic self and Soul’s Calling
- Deepen the connection to your intuition and watch your life flow with ease
- Clear subconscious blocks and attract more Abundance
- Deepen relationships with loved ones while standing in your power
- Emerge liberated from your past, be yourself freely and unapologetically, and align with your True Purpose

I am your guide as we journey into the subconscious mind to connect you with the life you know you were meant to live! Schedule your Discovery Call and I am happy to discuss the transformation that is possible for you and answer any questions you may have!

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Rate: $175 USD for a 60 minute session + additional support

Session Via: Zoom or Skype

Offers: Signature Programs available for 8 or 12 weeks that include 1:1 sessions, additional guided exercises, support via Voxer between sessions and more!


Daniel Zeiss

Located in Germany. I am a Transformation Coach who helps people realize their true potential and thrive in all areas of their life. In my coaching philosophy, living a blissful life is our birthright. I have a unique background as a licensed medical doctor and specialist in occupational medicine. I have also worked in the global insurance industry. My experiences allow me to coach my clients with a deeper understanding on how to gently release old emotional injuries and stress and to feel empowered again. My passion is empowering you to heal yourself. Through our transformation work together, you may experience the following revelations: Break bad habits that are keeping you stuck. Eliminate negative thoughts that don't serve you. Take charge of your own health and well-being. Reduce stress and be present.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $160 USD per hour

Session Via: Coaching sessions are conducted online via video chat.

Jana Sujanska

I am trauma healing practitioner passionate about helping people find their way, especially with topics such as bullying, social anxiety, shame, rejection and abandonment trauma, overweight, narcissistic relationships recovery, change of career path, female health issues such hormonal problems, trust issues, free expressions and confidence problems, boundary and anger issues. During the session we tune into your inner world, help you find unconscious patterns and beliefs and release these blocks so you can enjoy happier, more conscious and healthier version of yourself. My own healing journey consisted of trauma healing practice/ emotional healing therapies, meditation, breath work, yoga and art&movement therapy. I always work with client's own intuition, offer presence and hold the safe space for the healing through MAT session. I offer intuitive one to one sessions through Skype or in person currently in Prague.

Languages spoken: English, Slovak

Rate: 1.5 hour session price is 70 EUR or 80 dollars.

Session Via: Sessions through Skype or in person currently in Prague.

Anelia Mitova

I come from a dysfunctional family dynamic, just like the rest of us, and have suffered from various emotional disbalances and addictions. Without finding a proper answer and relief in mainstream approaches and general practitioners, I was motivated to find healing on my own terms. I traveled the world in search of answers and learned from many different teachers, including Evette Rose. I draw on my knowledge and experience with techniques, which aim to provide healing on various levels. I firmly believe that there is a deep connection between a human's mind, body and heart. All these elements work together either in harmony or disharmony and affect a person's physical, emotional and mental state. Therefore imbalances should be addressed on all these levels. In my work with people, I evaluate the limiting beliefs and trauma that are holding you back from living a life of fulfillment, joy and passion. My clients have been fortunate to gain insight into healing physical imbalances, addictions, unhealthy attachment styles and have found alignment with their purpose!

Languages spoken: English, Bulgarian

Rate: 1 session - 150(Euro) / 180$ (USD) / 1100 DKK (danish kroner), 3 sessions - 400 eur (50eur off), 7 sessions - 900 eur (150 eur off - one "free" session), 11 sessions - 1350 eur (300eur off - two "free" sessions), 15 sessions - 1800 eur (450eur off - three "free" sessions), 19 sessions - 2250 eur (600eur off - four "free" sessions)..

Session Via: Sessions are offered either online through Zoom or in-person in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Offers: FREE 20min. Discovery Session, where we determine if we are a good match to work together

Jana Becher

Jana works with people all over the world to help them overcome any limitations, negative patterns, or old pains that prevent them from fully enjoying their lives and realizing their full potential. She combines profound knowledge from both worlds - worldly and spiritual - with a big heart and an innate gift for transformation and activation. Her intuition and experience allow her to reveal the core of the blockages you are experiencing, even if they are hidden from you, and allow for a gentle yet lasting realization of the changes that you desire. Transformation for her means not only healing, but also the unfolding of your unique potential. Her goal is to bring you in touch with your true authentic Self, to activate your full potential to bring you into your power as a conscious creator. If you feel stuck in any area of life or simply desire to experience a new level of fulfilment, don't hesitate and reach out for help.

Languages spoken: English and German

Offers: If you feel drawn to working with Jana, take advantage of her free 20-minute consultation to get to know her and her work.

Ruta Kackauskaite

Ruta's Speciality: Self Acceptance, Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Betrayal, Burnout, Boundaries Codependency, Connection, Intimacy, Depression, Divine Feminine, Existential Crisis, Family Crisis, Grief, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Parts Work, Powerlessness, Purpose, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Shame Working With Ruta: Ruta can help you address issues of loneliness, hopelessness, body issues, womb issues, femininity. Ruta has helped other women and can help you with: - Liberating yourself as a woman, - Open yourself up with better decision making and choices, - Connecting with your body and your unique femininity, - Processing Grief & Finding Peace, - Loneliness & Connection, - Depression, Hopelessness & Inspiration, - Finding out what you want to change in your life, - Finding your passion, - Ending Self-hate. Starting self-love., - Creating a good relationship with yourself, - Changing profession (re-qualifying), - Creating a good personal relationship, - Reclaiming yourself (changing mentality to inclusive of self), - Becoming confident, - Opening-up your self-expression, - Shifting your life into what you love, - Becoming healthy (losing weight), - Becoming confident, assertive and emotionally healthy.

Languages spoken: English and Lithuanian

Eileen Hau

I am a Transformation Coach and Energetic Intuitive who have among studied alternative therapies since 2005 and personally using these tools it has naturally eased the challenges of my life and improved it. Being born Clairsentience it had made connecting and recognizing a deep rooted issue a natural state for me. Through further understanding of how our environment influences us together with the association of possible unwanted changes effecting us my awareness grew to a much deeper level. This desire to make lives have lasting changes and fulfilled experiences was then born. With a caring and gentle attention together with the clear intuition of understanding and seeing the core problem, the dissolved setbacks using the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique can bring back the sweetness of life and reopen doors to possibilities.

Languages spoken: English, German, Cantonese

Rate: 110 EURO an hour / 210 EURO 2 hours. Free 30 minutes initial consultation

Session Via: Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger Video Chat

Anastasia Koutsouras

Well Being Coach | Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner & Instructor What begun as a personal quest for happiness, spiritual and physical healing, peace and completion 10 years ago, has turned out to be my soul's calling to serve humanity in the very best and highest way that was revealed to me. For the past 8 years I have been leading others through their personal awakening calling so as to make the transition to the 5 D earth with ease, safety and grace. After thousands of private sessions with clients all over the globe once Evette Rose and MAT came to me it was love at first sight. It's easy , fun and fast it works wonders and just one session will change the way you perceive your body and your life.

Rate: 125 euros / session

Edit Csejk (Liya)

Hi there, my given name is Edit but the sound of my soul is Liya. I've been on the inner journey for 5 years now of peeling back the layers and unbecome everything that I am not, to be who I was meant to be in the first place. During this process the MAT technique has been a great help to come home to my core, remembering who I am and how I'd like to live my life. Now it is my honour to support others with the MAT technique to reconnect with their true essence. I love to see the beauty, light, purity, gentle power and childlike wonder in everyone; and it is my honour to hold safe space for others with soft and loving presence to come home within.

Languages spoken: English and Hungarian

Rate: Rate $150 USD/ 150 euros per session (1-1.5 hours), 20min initial consultation available.

Session Via: Session available via Zoom or Skype


Darina is a medical intuitive with Clairvoyant and Clairsentient abilities, called "spiritual spelunker" for her ability to dive deep and see through to the core of the matter. Her sessions expand on your inner circumstances and hidden keys which haven't yet been explored within yourself, bringing you closer to yourself. She chooses a gentle approach with a peaceful tone focused on unconditional presence, her goal is to make you feel safe and secure during the sessions. Darina holds a Master's degree in science and is passionate about methods and tools which produce profound results in healing and transformation. Combining her studies, healing lineage and ethereal experiences from an early age, she will give you the guidance and healing you need in matters of health, heart, home and work.

Languages spoken: English and Russian.

Rate: 150 euros per session up to 2 hours (20% off for students, unemployed and those with low income)

Session Via: Sessions are held online via Skype or Zoom. Between sessions a continuous contact may be necessary and important, usually via email or text messages.

Judith C. Cutri

Hello, my name is Judith C. Cutri - Kruger. Within the last years, my desire to sustain people with their personal development in an efficient and long lasting way became very strong. The MAT technique allows me to do that in a very satisfying manner; and paired with my working experience in various sectors (fashion, automotive, language and nowadays medical) and the mindfulness concept I have a lot of tools available to work with. I can help persons who work as freelancer, business owners, teamleader, manager and directors with their personal development journey to improve working and business conditions, but also to overcome very stressful and demanding periods, working crisis and creative blocks. I encourage my clients to reactivate their own inner resources making them conscious about their hidden negative emotions dissolving them together. My role is to facilitate the desired change... in a natural way.

Languages spoken: Italian, German and English.

Rate: A session lasts ca. 1 1/2 - 2 hours (60 euro/hour).

Session Via: I am vailable for a free consulting conversation.

Irena Nikolova

I facilitate people all over the world - truly guiding them in reaching their highestpotential and cherished personal life path. I provide ? personalized psycho-spiritual approach for your unique healing process. With clear intuition, I hold for you a safe space of caring attention, true therapeutic listening and deep support. I studied in France and Brazil and I hold degrees in Psychology and International Development towards the Emerging Countries. I am also a graduate of the European Academy of Spiritual Psychology, as well a certified Energy Healing Practitioner. My professional & personal skills, together with your participation, will bring us to the root cause of your issue, so that it could be released in an effective and gentle way. In just one session you could experience clarity that reconnects you to your inner truth and helps you move towards a place of lightness, serenity, joy and abundance. Connect with me when you feel ready to start your personal healing journey, so you could experience your cherished life through your real full potential.

Languages spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian & Bulgarian language.

Rate: 120 euro (1 hour), 150 euro (1.5 hours), 200 euro (2 hours), 270 euro (3 hours)

Session Via: Sessions are hosted worldwide in-person, via Phone/Viber & Zoom, depending on where I am in that moment.

Offers: Free 20 min initial consultation available!

Jakob Richter

I am Jakob, a musician, teacher and coach currently based in Hamburg, Germany. I have made it my focus to work with people who seek to reconnect with their inner truth and internal compass, who want to rediscover and get reacquainted with their own divine spark. If that is you, I'm excited that we manifested each other at this point in our lives and I would love for us to embark on this journey together. What I am good at is holding a space in which we can calmly and safely explore your inner world and intuitively guiding you towards gaining clarity about your sensations, thoughts and feelings, in order for you to find a new sense of direction on the way to a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

Languages spoken: English and German.

Rate: For one session I charge 155 euros

Session Via: Sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

Offers: Apart from single sessions I also offer mid- to long-term packages for those who want that extra juicy deep dive.

United Kingdom

Sandrine Giacobino

Located in London. She started her healing path many years ago which took her around the world studying many modalities, eventually becoming a yoga teacher and a massage therapist, cranio therapist.She also specialises in women's circles and fertility/womb massage to empower and support women at all stages in their lives. She offers metaphysical anatomy sessions, having trained under Evette Rose. She is passionate about that work and fascinated by how old traumas, emotions not dealt with, conflicts... can manifest in the body as illnesses, addictions. And the thing is we can heal.

Languages spoken: French, English and Spanish ?

Rate: Euro 100 or $125 per hour.

Session Via: She offers sessions face to face in London or via Skype.

Chrysilla Lewies

I work internationally as a Quantum Healer, specializing in Metaphysical Anatomy, as an Advanced MAT Practitioner. As a practitioner, I assist clients to find their life purpose, and to step into their full potential. I do this through Working with the subconscious mind, asking the right questions, and allowing clients to see what limiting beliefs is currently holding them back. I'm very intuitive, and believe that we can overcome our obstacles in body, and mind, without reliving past trauma. Take the first step, allow yourself to be open-minded, with no expectations, and you will see your changes starting to happen.

Languages spoken: Afrikaans and English

Rate: GBP 130.00 per session (up to 90 minutes)

Session Via: From the comfort of your own home using the desktop application: Zoom.

Cressida Mudaliar

I am a certified MAT Advanced Practitioner. My mission is to assist people to let go of what is holding them back and embrace their uniqueness, to improve and balance their lives. Now because of my journey of Human Mindset and psychology learning powerful tools and techniques to master mindset and emotions this has lead me to becoming an Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner a modality that is so powerful, and gentle in facilitating clients old stagnant traumas in completeing and allowing their natural positive emotional states to surface again.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: Euro 111

Session Via: I am based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom and offer sessions Face to Face (if local) or Online(via Skype or Zoom)

Neemisha Naugah

I am Holistic Healing Therapist and an Advanced MAT Practitioner. I specialise in Emotional release and trauma healing. After many years in personal development work, spiritual growth and inner work, I am in a position to support my clients in a holistic way. My mission is to support you in healing your old wounds, help you release what no longer serves you and empower you to move forward in your life. As we heal our past, we move from a place of darkness and bitterness to love, gratitude, compassion and connection. A MAT session a gentle and effective process that resolves stagnant trauma and emotional blocks quickly and easily. It is not only fast, fun but also deeply transformative. We can spare yourself from many years of therapy and resolve most of your trauma by using a gentle process to trace the trauma back to its roots effortlessly. Are you ready to learn, grow and evolve? Issues I can help you with are anxiety, depression, womb trauma, childhood trauma, healing self worth, abuse and pain.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: Euro 100 for 60-90 minutes

Session Via: I am based in London and offer sessions by Skype.

Offers: Get in touch to book your session or a free 15 minutes initial consultation.

Krystyna Lawson

Krystyna Lawson's physical, emotional, and spiritual healing practice spans more than 25 years reaching over 4000 clients. Her practice is enriched by her own life changing experiences including fully recovering from M.E. through Kinesiology. This journey introduced her to various healing modalities and teaching methods, as she is a natural teacher with a passion to ease those who are suffering with emotional and physical pain. She uses the most Avant-garde techniques that blend natural elements, emotional and physical healing therapies to meet the individual needs of her clients. She works with infants, young people to the elderly and even animals with astounding results. In 2020, Krystyna became a Metaphysical Anatomy Therapist, which she considers one of the most effective and powerful methods for healing emotional and physical health issues; she then trained to teach Level 1 of Metaphysical Anatomy Technique in June 2020. Krystyna continues to expand her knowledge and skills through an extremely busy schedule of working with clients around the world, over zoom and Skype, and updating her training and learning. Her own life is transforming in magical ways and she sends blessings and invites them to join her to action the changes they want to see in their lives. She's a Metaphysical Anatomy Therapist and Level 1 teacher.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: Euro 85.00 per hour.

Offers: Plus various packages.

Yana Yakoseva

I offer sessions in person in London, as well as online via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. I'm a certified hypnotherapy and MAT practitioner. I use my skills and experience to help beautiful people from all over the world heal and live their desired life purpose. I decided to offer my service and help others heal after exploring and experiencing many different healing modalities for more than 15 years. It's been a journey. I had low self-esteem, very weak boundaries and a deep sense of shame. Most of all, I felt stuck and powerless to my circumstances and overwhelming pain. However, when my psychotherapist told me it would take a decade for me to heal I knew she was wrong. I knew there must be an easier way out, and one year later I found it. Healing with MAT brought me to a place of peace, joy, creativity and fun, as well as resilience to adverse situations, which we all experience in everyday life. Today I help clients heal phobias and paranoia, depression, chronic back pain, chronic infections, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, weak personal boundaries, clearing energy cords with family members, letting go of grief, resentment, doubt, scarcity and abundance blocks, as well as healing heartbreak, fear of living own purpose, performance anxiety, and more. I believe most of the suffering in this world is completely unnecessary, and I love problem-solving. It gives me joy to see myself and others overcome our limitations of the past, and to embrace pure possibility and change. So that is my gift to you and my purpose in life.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Slovenian

Rate: Euro 110 - 90min session

Offers: Free 20 min Initial consultation

Elena Micheletti

I offer tools for emotional resilience as the Tribulations are upon us. Despair and fear can take hold of our hearts and muddle our minds. Don't hesitate to reach out, I'm here to help.

Languages spoken: English, Italian, French, Spanish.

Rate: $25-$50 per session, according to personal circumstances.

Laura Shipp

Laura uses a range of modalities in her wellbeing practise. She very much sees MAT as the link that brings them together. After witnessing great change with a number of modalities she noticed that there were times that the change was not sticking as often her sessions were unable to resolve the underlying cause of the presenting symptoms, however, deep some of her sessions went. Since qualifying in MAT Laura's clients often comment it as though she can read their mind and their family history. One client commented that it is the missing part of the jigsaw. Laura is guided by her intuition and regularly surprises herself with the precision of what she picks up from clients. Sometimes her clients have needed to check with elder family members. It can leave both her and her clients with goosebumps. Laura is a compassionate and gentle practitioner giving her clients an opportunity to heal when they are ready. Laura sees her role as one that gets clients feeling how they deserve to feel as quickly as possible. Clients that are typically drawn to Laura are those that have an autoimmune disorder often triggered by childhood trauma or parents of children with a diagnosis, such as, ADHD, ASD and / or dyslexia. Laura holds sessions in English at a rate of £115.00 for 60 mins. Packages are also available and she offers a 15-minute discovery call.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: £115.00 for 60 mins

Session Via: Sessions are in person in Somerset, England or via zoom or Skype.

Zuzana Akshara

I am a wellbeing guide and healing practitioner specialising in holistic health, intuitive energy work and trauma release. I am also a level 1 & 2 Metaphysical Anatomy Instructor and practitioner since 2018 when I fell in love with the technique and it's effectiveness. For the vast majority of my life, I suffered from depression, problems with extreme mood swings, emotional outbursts and persistent self-judgments. In thirst for more information and search to manage my symptoms I embarked on a journey of inner self-discovery through attending 49 days silent solitary meditation retreat, where I truly understood the inner workings of the mind and the need for my own integration. This experience of awakening catalysed my journey into healing and inner transformation. Working with many healing tools and modalities over the years I have learned to trust the knowledge and wisdom of the body accessed through the guidance of my intuition and expanded awareness. Using my talents, knowledge and highly intuitive skills, I remain passionate about helping you to discover how to live a life filled with joy, free from pain and limitations. I invite you to connect to and fully step into your true authentic self. Because what if being you is actually a unique gift to this world? I believe we all deserve to be healthy happy and joyful. Do you love yourself enough to choose it?

Czech Republic

Veronika Barkoci

Welcome, I am Veronika Barkoci, Level 2 MAT Practitioner and MAT level 1 and 2 Teacher. I am a therapist and transformational guide for all who desire to reach their inner balance, peace, harmony, emotional stability. Guide for those who want to make any positive changes in any area of their lives. Those who want to experience inner freedom, to detach themselves from their old beliefs and limits, addictions, call their power back, open up their potential and live and consciously create a happy life. In my sessions, I create a safe environment for clients, space, keep the energy and intention for possible changes, I lead them into their inner world, to their subconscious, where they can find all their answers for themselves, connect with their intuition and perceive their own identity, healthy power, personal boundaries and own values. I am ready to help you with: Self Acceptance, Depression, Anxienty, Release Trauma and Body Pain, Health Issues, Womb Healing, Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Loneliness, Powerlessness, Betrayal, Concept of Shame, Burnout, Purpose, Boundaries, Codependency, Health Issues, Connecting With the Source, Parts Work I have done more than a thousand sessions with my clients and I am ready to help and work with YOU.

Languages spoken: Czech, English

Rate: Price for 1.5 - 2 hours session: 2500 CZK / 103 EUR


Maya Michelle

For nearly two decades Maya Michelle has been studying and exploring the infinite ways that the mental, emotional and physical bodies relate, inform and heal. Her passion for non-invasive, energy healing began after a long period of discomfort and disappointment with allopathic doctors. She has first-hand experience in understanding how an imbalanced body can make daily life challenging, sluggish, and even painful. When the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are aligned, life is easy and effortless. We all deserve this. People who connect with Maya are ready to heal and change their lives. They experience immediate growth and clarity after just one session. Maya is passionate about assisted energy healing through Metaphysical Anatomy Process and has witnessed the positive ripple effects that diffuse into communities from just one individual's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual rebalancing. If you would like to work with Maya, then you can contact her to set up a free 20-minute chat.

Languages spoken: English, Italian or French

Rate: $150 per hour | EURO 120

Session Via: Sessions are hosted through WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.


Saule Atantay

Located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Saule Atantay is a psychic, transformational healer and soulful business mentor. She is helping women entrepreneurs align with their Soul purpose and manifest their Soul purpose business in the feminine leadership paradigm. She is using MAT along with her own signature processes to empower women step into their soulful leadership through recovering their innate resources, balancing their masculine and feminine energy and unleashing their Soul gifts.

Languages spoken: Kazakh, Russian and English

Rate: $300 USD for a 2-hour session or a 30 min no obligation free clarity call is available.

Session Via: She offers sessions via Skype.


Amit Kumar Sharma

I am Holistic Healing Therapist and an Advanced MAT Practitioner. I specialise in Emotional release and trauma healing. After many years in personal development work, spiritual growth and inner work, I am in a position to support my clients in a holistic way. My mission is to support you in healing your old wounds, help you release what no longer serves you and empower you to move forward in your life. As we heal our past, we move from a place of darkness and bitterness to love, gratitude, compassion and connection. A MAT session a gentle and effective process that resolves stagnant trauma and emotional blocks quickly and easily. It is not only fast, fun but also deeply transformative. We can spare yourself from many years of therapy and resolve most of your trauma by using a gentle process to trace the trauma back to its roots effortlessly. Are you ready to learn, grow and evolve? Issues I can help you with are anxiety, depression, womb trauma, childhood trauma, healing self worth, abuse and pain. Get in touch to book your session or a free 15 minutes initial consultation.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: Euro 100 for 60-90 minutes

Session Via: I am based in London and offer sessions by Skype.

Bhairavi Prakash

I love working with clients to help them on their journey to accepting themselves with an open heart. I work with anyone who sets an intention to heal, this includes the queer community and survivors of emotional, physical, sexual and all forms of gender-based violence. I help those struggling with emotional overwhelm, be it feeling too much or feeling totally numb. I've worked with entrepreneurs, college students, working professionals, changemakers & folks trying to understand their spiritual path and why they're here. Helping those struggling with accepting parts of themselves filled with shame and pain. My strength lies in my ability to be a compassionate witness. When you work with me, we're working towards finding ease within yourself. For most people exploring energy or healing work for the first time, they feel reassured by the skills that I have as a Psychologist, a Buddhist Psychologist, and a Trauma Certified Care Practitioner. Most people feel grounded by my education and skill set in addition to being a MAT practitioner.

Languages spoken: English

Rate: $80 USD per hour


Ranie Kitingan

Ranie Kitingan is a numbers metaphysical intiutive based in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia. Her life is dedicated to coaching clients to empower themselves by realizing their true potentials. She works extensively with women who have lost their sense of self and self-esteem due to past traumas, helping them regain their personal power, feminine energy and self love for a successful relationship, abundance and harmonious life in general.

Languages spoken: English, Malay

Rate: $109 USD per hour

Session Via: Sessions can be conducted in person (Kota Kinabalu) or via Skype & Whatsapp


Katarzyna Lewandowska

I am an Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy ( Level 3) and Consciousness Integration Practitioner. In my work I help people see, resolve and release challenging emotions that led to a “vicious circle” they got stuck in or to a physical ailment they have been experiencing for a while.
I do it with a detective’s inquisitivenes but in a very gentle way, so that the client is not overwhelmed, but feels safe and heard. Everything you say is information that we use to help you realize the emotions that make you repeat certain situations and behaviours. You become more empowered and more self-confident, you feel better - emotionally and physically, life just feels better.
At some point in my life I got stuck and felt like a hamster in a wheel. My body and mind just wanted to rest and it happened. It took me a while to connect the dots and to find something that helped me to recover. I know how to embrace the chaos you are in, when you do not know what is going on with you, and when you are given many options by different people on how to move forward.
My mission is to support people who experience: challenges of emigration ( how to be yourself in a new and sometimes challenging place), feeling stuck in life, barriers in learning a foreign language, self-esteem issues (I am not good enough or am I? ), finding your own voice , thyroid issues, and many more.
If you are ready to break your habits, to move forward with lightness and joy – schedule a free – 20 min discovery session with me.

Languages spoken: Polish, English

Rate: 160 CHF per session – 60min-90 min (plus a week of email support)

Session Via: Online via Skype, Messenger, Zoom, etc.

South Africa

Andrea Pauly-Kurz

MAT PRACTITIONER 1+2, Yoga teacher, meditation teacher, Reiki teacher, movement therapist and health coach. Born in Namibia and lived in Germany, England and Greece and Italy. Teaching yoga and health. Being a healer for more then 10 years. Studying the art of sacred geometry, crystals and healing sacred places around the world. Helping others find their truth and consciously moving throu past regression. Bringing in their own healing mechanism and moving them to their own strength and source of existence.
Being through past present and understanding my future helps me reunite with others moving through a similar journey helping them rediscover their full potential.

Languages spoken: English, German, Afrikaans

Rate: 100 Euro per hour / 550 Euro 6 hours

Session Via: Zoom or Skype