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Do you LOVE to learn but never have time?

Join our FREE Master Classes FAST TRACK ! Evette will host powerful masterclasses between 30 to 45 minutes per class and cover in-depth topics and lead you through powerful healing sessions!

We will host these masterclasses twice every Wednesday in two different time zones to make it possible for you to catch her LIVE, otherwise, a replay will be available for
24 hours ONLY!

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Do you LOVE Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1? If you already have a copy then you will LOVE our NEW Intuitive Body Workshop! Evette will teach you in this 1-day LIVE workshop how to read the body ACCURATELY like a book and how to start your healing journey with new powerful tools that you can use combined with Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1!

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Metaphysical Anatomy Technique - Evette Rose
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Metaphysical Anatomy Technique - Evette Rose
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