Evette Rose

Founder of the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Spend 5 full days with me live, 1 on 1 in Bali, Indonesia to build your dream personal development business! After having build 2 successful international companies myself I have learned A LOT! I have seen the good, the bad and ugly of business building. I am going to show you how to effortlessly build a powerful business platform, that will not just attract clients, but also change and heal people's lives inside and out. After having build several international personal development start-up companies I can truly say that I will ignite you greatness, build into your brand and show you, how your business can become an expression of you AND touch thousands upon thousands of lives! Why am I doing this? It is my mission to build leaders, not students or followers. We are all destined for greatness and I am going to show you how to propel yourself forward into a career that is fully in alignment with your talents, gifts and soul purpose.

Ignite your business

During these 5 magical days, together we will:

  • Establish your brand, message, audience and your unique presence
  • Establish company logo
  • Find your unique speakers style
  • Build your sales funnels, webinar designs, recording, structure and guidance Web page landing page
  • Ebook / or hard cover book design and layout design
  • Event layout and manual layout
  • Design and create your own unique healing tools and technique (and yes, we will show you how to easily teach it and touch thousands of people's lives)
  • Social media strategy, design and structure
  • Show you how to set-up an easy to follow internal structure and system for your business to become as powerful and automated as possible, leaving you free to create, speak, write, record, travel and teach!
  • You will also receive mentoring 2 calls (1 hrs each) per month for 3 months
  • You can upgrade your experience by adding an additional 1 day to heal, clear and resolve any blocks you feel challenged with in relationship to your business, abundance, whether it's karmic, ancestry or childhood trauma - we will put it where it needs to be - in the past!