Understanding Trauma
Certification Course

During this 2.5 hours powerful course, you will learn with me what trauma is, how the body stores trauma in relationship to memories, and how emotional memory can actually be stored throughout the body's cellular memory without needing the brain to often even stimulate a certain memory in the subconscious mind. The body records and remembers everything, not just cognitively. Your body is a powerful platform that is designed to support you in living an amazingly powerful and fulfilling life. However, often challenges take place, and trauma takes place and this can disrupt the body's natural flow and state and create tremendous emotional and physical discomfort. It is even more challenging to address a problem if you don't understand the root cause of it and even have the mechanics of the bodywork in relationship to trauma and emotional stress.


Join me in this powerful workshop where I'm going to share groundbreaking research in relationship to psychosomatic stress, emotional stress and traumatic stress and the impact it has on the body and how to start to swiftly shift emotional stress and discomfort in your life without needing to know the root cause of it.

Understanding Trauma: MAT for Beginners



New to MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique),

If you are new to emotional stress and trauma work

Interested in MAT and not sure if this is a fit for you

Want to learn more about trauma, emotional stress, and memories work

Interested in improving your emotional quality of life

Interested in learning about how trauma and negative emotions can affect our mind and physical body

A health practitioner who wants to learn new research and fresh perspectives on how trauma affects a client

Interested to understand why you don't heal

Interested to understand and learn more about the power of your emotions and why you should be mindful of where your focus is


Understand how trauma, emotions, and our instinctive responses lock in traumatic events

What are trauma cycles and why did our bodies forget how to heal itself

How to recognize your own trauma and negative emotions that are holding you back

How to rewire your mind and emotional body with positive emotions and solutions

Understand the relationship between psychosomatic stress in the emotional body and trauma

What is secondary trauma and how to recognize it

Why you can feel other people's trauma and negative emotions

Why some people become resilient during a traumatic event and others do not

How and why emotions and instinctive responses form part of traumatic memories in the body and lock trauma in place

What are secondary gains and how to recognize them

Session sheet designed to help you to rewire your mind and life toward happiness

Understanding Trauma - MAT for Beginners (Self-paced Course)
Price is $5.96

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