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Meet and Heal with Your

Spirit Guides Workshop

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Discover the Healing Power of Your Guides: Illuminate Your Path to Transformation.

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Experience the magic of meeting your guides and receiving their healing energy. Learn how to communicate with them, receive their messages, and access their unconditional love and support. Through these interactions, you’ll gain insights, clarity, and guidance to overcome challenges and cultivate deep healing within.


Discover the power of healing with your guides as they assist you in releasing emotional blocks, past traumas, and limiting beliefs. With their loving presence, you’ll embark on a transformative healing journey, restoring balance, harmony, and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit.

Your schedule towards your greatness:


Guided by Light:
A Workshop on Meeting and Healing with Your Spirit Guides

This workshop will change your life forever! You can do this for your own benefit or become a practitioner. Have faith in divine support and take a leap of faith with me!

We look forward to guiding you on this
enlightening journey of connection and healing with your spirit guides.


“Participating in Evette Rose’s “Meeting and Healing with Your Spirit Guides” workshop was a spiritually uplifting experience. Her guidance on connecting with spirit guides was profound. I’ve since felt a stronger connection to my guides and a deeper sense of inner peace.” Allen R.


“Attending Evette Rose’s workshop on meeting and healing with spirit guides was a transformative journey. Her teachings on communication with spiritual guides were enlightening. I now feel supported on my spiritual path, and the healing exercises brought a sense of peace and clarity.” Sam P.


“Evette Rose’s workshop surpassed my expectations. Her insights into connecting with spirit guides were both practical and heart-centered. I’ve since experienced healing on a profound level and feel a deeper connection to the spiritual guidance that surrounds me.” Emman K.


“Learning the Spirit Guide Connections with Evette was a soul-enriching experience. The workshop provided practical tools for meeting and healing with spirit guides. I now feel more aligned with my spiritual path and have a greater understanding of the guidance available to me.” Karen T.


“Evette’s workshop on spirit guides was a journey of self-discovery and healing. Her guidance on meeting and working with spiritual guides has brought clarity and comfort into my life. I feel more attuned to the subtle energies around me and experience a sense of divine guidance.” Sandy B.


“Attending the “Meeting and Healing with Your Spirit Guides” Workshop was a profound exploration of the unseen. Evette’s teachings on connecting with spirit guides provided me with valuable tools for my spiritual journey. I now feel a sense of support and guidance that goes beyond the physical realm.” Laura N.


“Evette’s workshop on spirit guides was a magical and transformative experience. Her teachings on healing with spiritual guides resonated deeply with me. I’ve since felt a sense of inner peace and guidance that has positively impacted my overall well-being.” Liam C.


“The workshop not only provided insights into connecting with spirit guides but also offered healing exercises that brought a profound sense of peace and balance. I am grateful for the guidance and healing received.” Maria D.



Meeting and Healing with Your Spirit Guides Workshop


   LIVE Online via Zoom