Leigh Bundy

TedX Speaker/Global keynote, Award-winning🥇Personal Development Expert Coach.

I’m Australia’s leading Collective Awareness and Change Facilitator of tomorrow’s thinking, by my Unique 4-Step Framework system of the four pillars of FLOW, which brings awareness to what is stopping or blocking the individual, to understand what we need to change and apply. We then disassociate the individual from the blockages or limiting beliefs to remove them from being the identity of the problem or blockage, next is the reconditioning of the new success consciousness behavior until the individual is achieving the results they desire through having momentum and flow back into their lives now, and ongoing.

Over the last 12 years, As the founder and the director of Team BEAST mode-Australia, Team BEAST mode-Intl & The Ultimate Flow Experience, I’ve lead and facilitated
34 inner-mind/world transformational retreats in Bali, as I lived in Bali, Melbourne, and LA during the process. I have been involved in coaching/NLP Master Practitioner/Leadership development/Optimal human performance and self-discovery for the last 12 years.

I have worked with several sports icons, social identities, Olympians, CEO/directors of multimillion-dollar companies guiding, supporting, educating, reprogramming/realigning their minds and inner world, with a reality they choose to experience in the NOW.

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Timeline linguistics healing = Reprogramming/ removing of your chosen limiting beliefs & limiting decisions.

Removing of 3 most profound negative emotions.

Upgrading your belief system for each of your life areas.

Upgrading and reprogramming your consciousness and identity to be in a powerful alignment with your life desires.

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