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Evette Rose is a renowned Author of 19 books, Personal Development Speaker,  Event host and Workshop Facilitator. She is dedicated to guiding individuals on their healing journeys. She is the esteemed founder of the Metaphysical Anatomy Healing Technique, a transformative approach that empowers people to resolve past traumas and embrace successful and fulfilling lives drawing deep knowledge of psychosomatic research.

With a profound understanding of personal transformation and psychosomatics of the body and mind, Evette draws from her own life experiences and studies, transcending a challenging past to cultivate a harmonious and purposeful life and career. Having embarked on two global journeys working with 6000+ people one one one and facilitated personal development seminars in over 43 countries, she has touched the lives of thousands worldwide.

Evette’s expertise encompasses a wide range of techniques for potent trauma resolution. Through her remarkable healing journey, she realized that trauma extends beyond our current lives, encompassing ancestral, conception, womb, and birth trauma, as well as experiences from childhood to adulthood. This realization led her to develop her own healing abilities, integrating years of research and personal insights.

Motivated by her own transformation and guided by a deep desire to facilitate breakthroughs and profound transformations in others, Evette began writing books, supporting clients, and hosting personal development seminars. Her innate healing abilities, combined with her accumulated knowledge, enable her to gently release and resolve old traumas, providing relief and healing from deep-rooted emotional and mental distress.

Evette’s healing work addresses a comprehensive spectrum of trauma, encompassing ancestral patterns, early life experiences, and traumatic events in adulthood. Her remarkable gifts and extensive training enable her to provide unparalleled support to her students and clients, guiding them toward permanent and gratifying results on their healing journeys.

Through her compassion, wisdom, and natural healing abilities, Evette Rose has become a trusted source of support and transformation for individuals seeking profound healing and personal growth. Her dedication to empowering others and her commitment to sharing her transformative insights have made her a beacon of hope for those ready to embrace lasting change.




Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Master)
Shadow Work
Breathwork Teacher & Instructor
Currently completing studies in Psychology

Evette Rose , Founder of MAT

When she started to work as a therapist and conducted self-help seminars. Throughout her journey teaching in 43 countries, she couldn’t help but notice similar emotional triggers, patterns and complaints between clients who shared the same disease, regardless of their background and cultural. After documenting her cases, she realized that the body was trying to communicate with us. Where others saw a problem such an ailment, Evette saw the body’s effort to communicate, to express itself by stating that it is under stress. What causes stress? Our environment does of course, however, Evette started to link the power of our emotions and its relationship with diseases. Metaphysical Anatomy became a leading reference book which now supports hospitals, universities, colleges, psychologists, and alternative therapists, serving as a valuable resource for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of emotional, physical pain, and ailments in their lives.

My previous life

Ordinary life

Yes, I do believe that my life is divided into two parts. Previos life is before I realized how to be happy and enjoy my life. At school I was shy, nervos and timid child, I didn’t have a lot of friend and stayed out noisy parties. As a result I had quite a lot of free time to study hard, what I actually did. That helped me to enter Columbia University. During my university years I studied, read a lot of books and worked as a waiter. I had a couple of friends to hang out with and that was 
my routine.


I was asked to give a speech from a graduating student’s perspective. I have never given a public speech to so much people before and was very nervos. My friend said to me ‘fake it until you make it’ and I started my preparation. I wrote the speech and practiced every day for a couple of month, I was definitely going outside my comfort zone. When the day X has come, I was still nervous but 

When in doubt, choose change.


I faked it until I made it. The speech was accepted by the audience very well, I was proud of making it. That was the day when I realized that everything is possible and all you need is to work hard, clearly see the final goal and every day make at least small step towards it. After graduation I worked for a couple of big banks and companies and continued to give speeches about my experience, life and business. After that I found my startup Big Fish, found investors, created successful business model and sold it.


Today I’m financially independent, happily married, travel a lot and leadershiping. I believe that my mission today is to teach as many people as I can how to succeed in life, how to be happy and live every single day with a purpose. Believe me, it isn’t hard and reading my story is already a forst step. Congratulations! You are on the right way, Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

Life leadershiping

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