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Healing Retreats Worldwide

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary – a journey that promises not only self-discovery but profound transformation. I bring a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights, offering a holistic approach to healing.


You’ll receive guidance tailored to your unique journey, fostering a deeper connection with your inner self. Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. These retreats provide a nurturing environment where you can share experiences, support one another, and build lasting connections.


My retreats are not just about relaxation; they are catalysts for profound change. Release deep-seated emotional patterns that may be holding you back, and experience a newfound sense of freedom.


Witness the mind-body connection as you address emotional roots that may contribute to physical ailments. Many participants report improved health and vitality.


Gain the tools and insights needed to navigate life with purpose and empowerment, fostering positive change in various aspects of your life.


My retreats are designed to facilitate holistic transformation – mind, body, and soul. Expect to return home not only refreshed but with a profound shift in perspective.


We have many retreats worldwide. See which retreat calls your soul, if not all of them!

Rise and Thrive Men’s Retreat

Live In-Person in Bali, Indonesia

Life Reset Healing Retreat

Live/ In-Person in Bali Indonesia

Your Spiritual Awakening Healing Retreat

Live/ In-Person in Bali Indonesia

Reveal the Woman Within Healing Retreat

Live/ In-Person in Bali Indonesia

MAT Level 3 Unveiling Purpose: A Journey From Soul to Fulfillment

Live In-Person in Bali, Indonesia, and Online with Evette Rose

Our courses are independently accredited and validated
by internationally recognized organizations

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Healing Retreat in Greece

Live / In-Person in Greece