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Self-love is defined as having an
awareness of your wellbeing and happiness
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Heal hidden trauma which blocks SELF-LOVE!


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8  September  2021
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Online Healing Workshop LIVE with Evette Rose
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT+8 / Bali time
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$ 33
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Here is how you can enrich and heal your life
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This journey is going to be insightful, powerful, and most importantly, transformational.

Together we will go through different topics and concepts that all form part of our self-love journey.

We will explore and heal blocks behind, define it more clearly together, bring balance where there is a lack of balance in your life, and heal from the inside out.

Self-love is defined as having an awareness of your wellbeing and happiness.

But this definition for me is too short and cuts out so many essential factors that need to be kept in mind when you explore such a deep topic, especially when you start a self-love healing journey.

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Awareness of your inner world is critical if you want to change your outer world.

Because your inner world is what is continually shown to you in your relationship dynamics and how unhealthy your relationship with yourself sometimes can be.

How do you stop old negative emotions of yourself recycle themselves? 

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

You might notice that you feel the absence of love, affection, and fear of communication.

What you are feeling are old wounds from your past when your need for comfort and love was not met adequately, and that inadequacy that it left you with is now reflecting in you toward yourself.

You are feeling how you reacted and how someone else’s inadequate or abusive reaction toward you became part of your relationship with yourself.

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Self-Love Healing Workshop 

Hurry! Reserve your slot for only  $33

Space is Limited


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In this workshop, we are going to show you
how to break free from unhealthy relationship with yourself
and to establish a new strong sense of self-love!

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Join Evette Rose, Founder of Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and author of Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 and 5 other books in this powerful event as she will be sharing HARD lessons that she learned in her life due to lack of self-love and not valuing the importance and power of having a strong relationship with yourself!

She’s going to teach you and show you how to improve and heal your relationship with yourself regardless of the root causes of it! This course is designed to laser target deep rooted unresolved wounds that has led up to your self-worth feeling challenged and not valued as it should be.

It is your birthright to love yourself and NOW is your time to reclaim that birthright

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