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Meet Evette Rose

Author of 19 books, Counselor, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Informed Practice (TIP), Hypno-EMDR, Founder of MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique), Founder of ITS (Integrative Soulful Therapy) CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Master), Positive Psychology Coaching, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), SFT (Solution Focused Therapy), Breathwork Teacher & Instructor & 16 years experience in Mental Health Therapy.

MAT Sessions with Evette

I am available Worldwide… I am available on Skype or phone

Booking session time zone: GMT+8 / Bali, Indonesia | Languages Spoken: English, Afrikaans


Navigate healing from past trauma with personalized support and strategies to regain emotional stability and resilience.


Discover effective tools and practices to alleviate anxiety and depression, fostering mental well-being and renewed vitality.


Find empowerment and peace through specialized techniques tailored to manage and overcome symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.


Cultivate a positive self-image and deepen self-compassion through guided exploration and practical exercises for personal growth.


Strengthen connections and navigate relationship dynamics with insights and skills to foster understanding, communication, and intimacy.


Receive holistic guidance and encouragement through recovery from psychosomatic medical challenges, focusing on physical healing and emotional resilience.


“Working with Evette Rose has been life-changing. Her ability to guide me through deep emotional blocks and traumas has been nothing short of transformative. I feel lighter, more connected to myself, and empowered to face life’s challenges with a newfound clarity. Thank you, Evette, for your compassionate guidance and unwavering support.”

– Sue W.

“Evette Rose’s sessions have been a beacon of healing in my life. Her intuitive approach and profound insights helped me navigate through years of anxiety and self-doubt. I’ve learned valuable tools to manage my emotions and rediscover my inner strength. I highly recommend Evette for anyone seeking profound personal growth and emotional healing.”

– Jeremy A.

“I am so grateful for Evette Rose’s healing sessions. Her gentle yet powerful techniques have helped me release old wounds and negative patterns that held me back. I now feel more at peace and aligned with my true self. Evette’s wisdom and compassion create a safe space for deep healing and self-discovery.”

– Lilian T.

“Evette Rose has a remarkable gift for healing. Through her sessions, I’ve experienced profound shifts in my emotional well-being and mindset. Her guidance has helped me overcome deep-seated fears and insecurities, allowing me to step into a life filled with joy and purpose. Thank you, Evette, for your incredible support and wisdom.”

– Sharon B.

Platinum Life Transformational Package with video

6-Hour MAT Transformation Package also includes:

24/7 direct text support with Evette

Platinum Client Status

Receive a 10% discount on all MAT courses (except Live Retreats)

You can attend again all previously attended courses for free as a student

Free lifetime access to our Platinum Membership Site

Reveal the Woman Within Healing Package

30 Minutes X 8 Sessions or 1 Hour X 4 Sessions. Reveal the Woman Within Healing Package also includes:

24/7 direct text support with Evette

Platinum Client Status

Receive a 10% discount on Reveal the Woman Within Live Healing Retreat in Bali

30-Minute Soul Harmonization Session

Please kindly note that these sessions are 30 minutes for one topic you wish to work on. Please be realistic given the time frame we have.

What the 30 Minute Soul Harmonization Session is for: Life challenges, stress, emotional challenges, needing support, advice, anxiety support, depression support & explore root causes of ailments. Healing work will also be included to bring peace and balance.


What the 30 Minute Soul Harmonization Session is NOT for: Healing ailments & pain! Unless you want to discuss issues around ailments and gain clarity.

Your Retreat Experience Includes:


✅ Luxury Accommodations: Stay in our top-tier facilities that offer comfort and tranquility. Enjoy scenic views, spacious rooms, and premium amenities. You get your own PRIVATE room (not shared).


✅ Holistic Wellness Activities: Engage in daily mindfulness practices, and nature hikes that promote mental clarity and physical health as well as recreational activities.


✅ Nutritional Excellence: Savor gourmet meals prepared by our in-house chefs, designed to nourish your body and mind.


✅ Community and Networking: Connect with like-minded men who share your aspirations and challenges, creating a network of support that extends beyond the retreat.



12 – 16 July 2024

LIVE in Bali, Indonesia

Early bird is $3,997 USD (Regular price is $4,597 USD)

early bird is only until June 30, 2024

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Are you ready to transform your life and heal from within? 

No cookie-cutter solutions here! I believe in crafting strategies that align perfectly with your unique circumstances and aspirations. You’ll receive personalized recommendations and actionable steps designed to maximize your success.


Let’s uncover hidden opportunities as sometimes, the most promising opportunities are disguised as challenges. Through insightful discussions, we’ll uncover hidden opportunities within your current circumstances, helping you turn obstacles into stepping stones for growth.


Whether you’re striving for personal growth, career advancement, or business success, our discovery call will be entirely focused on your needs. I’ll listen intently to understand your objectives and provide tailored insights to propel you forward.


Important Note

Payments for Healing Sessions are non-refundable.

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